Police in a taxi in New York City (5 photo + video)

At the NYPD has proven over the years a method called "undercover". Its meaning is that you never know whether there is a number of the police or not.

For example, going down the street life battered Chevrolet, he opened the window, sitting in the cabin completely narkodillerskogo kind of guys in black leather jackets with tattoos and chains, and the inside to the fullest wheezing speakers yells some rap. Suddenly, the car takes off, including flashing lights and loud wailing begins to pursue the offender ran a red light. The guys are policemen in plain clothes, jackets for their service gun and handcuffs, and chains hanging on police badges. Cop, suddenly, it may be quite anyone on the occupants of the car to the nearby pedestrian street and the homeless in the subway. Method is simple, does not require large human resources, but amazingly effective. Once they pozloupotreblyat strongly for some time, like the man in the street is developed paranoia, that around one only the police, but no police in sight there. All begin to shy away from any shadows and carefully obey the law, even at night in an unlit alley. Petty criminals become suspicious and fearful, and the curve of crime is going down. That's at one time Mayor Giuliani cleaned the city. And there was that clean.

For patrolling "under the guise» NYPD uses the machine without any markings. Typically, this version of the same civilian vehicles that are used in conventional police work. At least it is convenient in maintenance and operation, and these machines are well merge with the rest of the flow. The most common in this matter are the Chevrolet Impala and the Ford Crown Victoria. But I saw the police and their minivans, and the machines, which the police he has never happen. Recently, here's a couple of cops in civilian life came to a gas station on the Toyota Camry, which in no other city services. The only thing that distinguishes them from all flow is circularly tinted glass. Many antennas on the trunk there. But it can be tinted car from out of state, and the antenna is so small that they go and even noticed. In my eyes, they do not rush.

The most cunning machine under the guise of a police taxi. This is a real wolf in sheep's clothing. Externally, it is quite normal yellow cab in New York with all the checkered and other attributes, including counter. Small differences of course, but they are visible only to specialists. Private driver does not see the difference. Operate the machines mostly at night, when the streets and little traffic police cars are beginning to be evident. And then a yellow taxi with the driver and passengers inside, nothing special. There on the night streets of Manhattan thousand.

A few days ago I came across a regular taxi parked on the street. I caught my attention in this taxi just one little thing. I would have passed if not a policeman lying ticket under the windshield. Then, looking closer, I saw inside the police computer. Then I became interested in the car. Here, incidentally, shows that the antenna (black circle) they put on the counter (gray box), so as not to attract too much attention. Externally, like, the most common taxi, but after looking you find differences. For example, badge number does not match the car registration number. He should be duplicated on the lamp. Here, the number and the right lights and fake badge. Such episodes do not happen in principle - must be letters and numbers. Yes, and it is fastened to the hood than the rivet, and bolted. The lantern on the roof is also interesting. Here the number is good, but there are no duplicate turn signals and the inscription «off duty». Advertising does not advertise anything. Just a set of words with pictures. At each end of something like windows with tinted windows, behind which are likely to set the camera and radar.

Police found the taxi or model Ford Crown Victoria or Nissan Altima. Fords, and go to the civilian version of the standard, rather than elongated, which is used in a New York taxi. At last a little longer than the back door. Fords more noticeable because of the body, black moldings and antenna on the trunk. Nissans made progress in terms of camouflage and is not so easy to identify. Write that Nissans use numbers for 6Y18a 6Y25a, and that such machines have almost every area in the lower and mid-Manhattan. Taxi drivers write that most of them can be found around the bars below 23 th Street in Manhattan and the Holland and Lincoln tunnels, as they mostly catch drunk drivers and speeding violators. Let me remind you that in New York City with sticks along roadsides and are not just so people do not stop. To stop and check the documents need a reason or committed an offense, and then disguised taxi is very convenient in terms of operational performance.

On the one hand the police of New York does not hide the fact of the use of such machines in their work, particularly on the other, this fact does not advertise. Nowhere in the official sources about them, nothing is said. It is possible that specifically give ground for rumors and speculation. Fear has big eyes always. But, in such a way, each of 13,237 New York taxis become unwitting accomplice of the process of law enforcement, and this despite the fact that the real police cars in this coloring no more than two dozen. The main thing is that no one knows which of them police.

Source: samsebeskazal.livejournal.com


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