Emergency lights go (5 photos + video)

Officials car-owners spetssignalov explain their need for urgent public affairs.
However, often it is not true. Here is an example, a foreign car, drove into the oncoming lane of one of the capital's streets at a time when the movement on it was extremely tight.

Driving along Tverskaya Street on May 13 blogger maxschrank witnessed as the BMW 7 Series with number A023MR 97 (serial number assigned to the USAID
senior federal officials), crossing a double solid, drove into the oncoming lane and sped forward.

According to "spetssubektov" depriving them of the birth of the attribute as "flashers" simply threatens the security of the country due to the inability
timely address emerging issues of the day. Indeed, what decisions can be taken while standing in a traffic jam? And it never - no-COH-da! - They do not use special signals for personal purposes. In order to ascertain the veracity of this statement is sufficient to look
uploaded a video on the web.

It is worth noting that the manager of President Vladimir Kozhin said the day before, that does not exclude reducing the number of "flashers" in Russia, which
now allowed to have thousands of machines.

According to the official, in the administration of President today only 12 "flashers" - RIA Novosti reported with reference to
interview V.Kozhina "Echo of Moscow┬╗.

"My attitude - they should be limited to people who are really in our complex traffic situations have to be very
move quickly to keep up to engage with the work assigned to them, "- said the manager of the president.


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