Bloody mix: 32 portraits of people, in whose veins flows the explosive mixture of different nationalities.

Talk of the Nation and the National - a delicate matter. We live in a civilized world, but interracial strife are still quite common. The man at an early age is necessary to foster respect for other nationalities. After all, skin color and eye shape or in any way determine our personality. All of us - the inhabitants of the same planet!

The ambitious photographer from Tashkent Stanislav Ma tried to show the beauty of people of different nationalities in the project "melting cauldron." Models during photo shoots were people with complex pedigree, roughly speaking, mestizo, which are mixed a lot of blood. Most personalities imprinted on pictures - Tashkent, but as it turned out in their veins the blood of different nations. These are people of different professions, from ecology to IT specialist. But each of them - is by nature a bright personality. Mostly found a very unexpected mix of bloods!

Jewish, Russian, Cossack Don

Korean, Russian, Ukrainian,

Jew, Pole, Turk, Arab, Crimean Tatar, a Gypsy

The Australian, Vietnamese

Mordvin, Russian, Tatar, Uzbek, Polish, Kirghiz

Ukrainka, Tatar

A Jewish woman, a Gypsy, Ukrainian

Russian, Uzbek, Tajik, Korean

Russian, Armenian, Ukrainian, Kalmyk

Russian, Tatar, Azerbaijani, Ukrainian, Polish, Georgians

Syrian Arab, French, Kurdish, Russian

Uzbek woman, Tatar, Syrian Arab

Vietnamese, French

The Belarusian, Buryat, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, Romanian, nanayka, Russian

Uzbek woman, mordovka, Korean

Jewish, Korean, Russian, Tatar, Sikh

Russian, Tatar, German, Roma

Russian, Chinese, Don Cossack

Uzbek woman, Chuvash, Tatar

Ukrainka, Spaniard

Uzbek woman, Russian

Gypsy Kerzhakov, Russian, Kirghiz, Polish, Jewish, German

Korean woman, Russian, Jewish, mordvinka

Russian, Jewish, Azerbaijani

Turk, German, Armenian, Polish, Russian

Russian, German, Ossetian, Armenian, Uzbek, Tatar, Kazakh

Kazakh, Ukrainian, Russian

Russian, Uzbek, Tajik, Ukrainian, Tatar, Polish, Lithuanian, Kazakh, Bashkir

Russian, Chinese, Ukrainian,

Kazakh, Jewish, Belarusian, Russian

Net, at least seven generations, Crimean Tatar

Ossetians Korean

While living in the world are people of the war and the debate about the role of ethnicity is simply meaningless. Whatever it was, it's silly to evaluate a person by what is given to him by nature. Show a bloody mix of Stanislaus Ma to your friends.


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