18 good reasons why to be old - it's cool. Talk back and try!

Perhaps no one will argue with the fact that young people are now accustomed. Appeared first gray hair - hot paint. Look, there were wrinkles on his face - it's time to run to the plastic surgeon ... And what is to me the seller in the shop offers something Babskii dress, do I look that bad? People are doing everything in their power, and even more so that no one, God forbid, did not know how old they really are. Edition Do you remember the legendary old woman Jeanne Calment, who at 122 (!) Do not lose heart, saying: «I have only one wrinkle, and I have her sit!» I> So, this optimism and vigor the spirit is still the envy of many young. Today we lift a good convolutions and made for you 18 objective reasons to be an old woman or old man - not only shameful but also cool. Try to argue! B>

1. You're doing everything that your heart desires. Let it even be very immoral, vulgar, lead to obesity or drunkenness. Argument "Think what you are to turn into old age" is not the ride. B>

2. You can chop a plain truth to shoulder everything. Especially in public transport, on the bench at the entrance, in the clinic and other places where the "infidels». B>

3. You can safely dye your hair purple. Or green. Or, in extreme cases, in crimson. Fears "What will people think?" Or "My mother would punish and put in a corner" may already be outdated. B>

4. You have the right to go to the library to sit on the chair and open a bottle of martini. And let someone ban you. B>

5. With young children you can find as much as you want, and then again to give to their parents. You've already not those puny strength ...

6. You can slowly swim in the pool in a ridiculous hat and colorful to look at all the murderous look, "Do not dabble here!». B>

7. It is possible, and even necessary to start writing his memoirs while still allowing the memory to do so. B>

8. Make some small prank of which you dreamed from childhood - no question! All the same, it is all written off on your age. B>

9. You can pamper grandchildren favorite treats, and doing it with a very big pleasure. B>

10. Now you can be a culmination of all morality and read all of the notation. Never mind that behind your back "dark past", now all you think wise, so - authority. B>

11. Finally, you can relax and do not rush. Trolleybus left - nothing, the next will be soon, I'm just skating and not going somewhere. B>

12. Now is the hour when you can not survive on the sex. You said a cupcake? Yes, I will, I zavrnite chocolate, please. B>

13. If you do not like something, you can take one of these positions: pretend deaf, ignore, whack on the head with the abuser or blame all the security services. B>

14. And yet, you have every right to stare at all. And you even say nothing to nobody! B>

15. You can not congratulate annoying relatives from Rostov with all holidays, citing a bad memory. Old age do not joy, anything can happen ...

16. Now, finally, you can accomplish what you wanted for a long time, but still did not dare or did not have time. The period of "retirement will relax and have fun" has arrived! B>

17. You can install the friendships (and not only) the relationship of sleep: if you want it, and it is you, then there is no reason to deny yourself the pleasure. B>

18. You have plenty of time to reconsider your favorite films, read all the books from his must-read sheet, and even an hour or two to your favorite serialchik remain. B>

We hope you are able to understand the subtle humor, which we seasoned these arguments. Of course, this is not a complete list of the benefits of being a grandparent. In general, man as old as he feels. So the main thing, guys, your hearts! Share with us in the comments whether you agree with the fact that old age - this is not a sentence, but it's time to start living.

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