Emotions harmony: the other weight loss methods

Become slim - it is often fanatically-cherished desire of many women. Many of you have tried to lose weight through a variety of diets and weight loss systems. Almost every woman today can itself write a book about how to become slim. Agree?

We women know so much about it, but all the same for almost every one of us, this topic is still a problem.

I'm talking about overweight know firsthand. Since childhood, I was pretty full girl, so school was not without ridicule. All of this has grown into complexes ... In 15 years, I decided to lose weight. Diets for weeks total fasting, raw food ... then I just did not do a while. And all this time I was constantly depressed, depressed. While losing weight, denying themselves all over - it's stress. When the weight is gone, begins another panic - how to keep it on the result achieved

? Today, I will not write about the physical methods of weight loss: diet, sports, water ... you know it all without me. I'll tell you about other weight loss methods: psychological and energy. After all, with this and you need to start. And not with the proper nutrition ...

It all started when I fell in love. Yes, besides falling in love so that the emotions have sprung from the endorphins to adrenaline, and then together down into a hopeless depression.

During the year, this love I lost 30 kilograms !!! I became not just thin, I became desperately thin.

From the joy of communion with the object of love I was shaking and no food in my mouth did not climb. Then on adrenaline, I rode like a horse and forget the last time I ate. And, of course, getting into a terrible depression from quarrels, nothing I could not do but cry.

Why am I writing all this? I do not suggest you a similar weight loss method. The point here is quite different. It's all about emotions! That's what I want to talk today.

Why we eat what we eat?

You all know that we consume much more food than is needed by the body. We can live in peace, eating one or two times a day, small portions. This physical hunger is hardly familiar to modern man. That hunger that we feel - hunger is the subtle body, our energy shell. We can spend the whole day on the site, doing some business, without spending all physical energy, but want to eat lunch. Why?

It's all about energy. Each product and each flavor has its own energy. This well describes Ayurveda. For example, the sweet taste of calms, salty - concentrates, acute - activates, gives a bitter tone and patience ... Just my personal energy possessed by each product. Some products and women's soft power, in other men, some raise the prana, other grounded ... when we want to eat - this is an indicator that we are missing some kind of condition. We lack a certain energy.

Why women seize stress sweet, and most men - salty? Because the woman unconsciously trying to relax and calm down (it's sweet taste property), and the man is trying to get together and intensify their effect (a sharp and salty).

Digesting food, we connect with her energy, it fills us with their vibrations, and our mental state changes. For example, there are situations when a certain life span you have been addicted to some kind of product (he gave you the necessary energy), and then at one point, you realize that they no longer want to eat.

I remember I had a period when I was eating lemon peel. This coincided with a difficult period in the astrological. And I realized that the bitter taste on a subtle level gave me the stamina and patience. I bought a kilo of lemons, clean off peel and eat them drinking tea without sugar and honey. Everyone who saw it, curves and squinted, and it was very tasty. But just a month later, when I finished this period of my life, I have completely disappeared desire to eat cake. For a long time, friends have brought tea for 2 kilograms of lemons, and I do not know what to do with them. Though the jam boil!

We eat because we do not have enough emotion and a certain status. Please recall any joyous and happy day of your life.

You ate a lot that day?
You are, in general, ate?

When we are filled with positive emotions we have no need for additional energy sources, and therefore do not need to compensate for its lack of using the products.

Why diets do not help?

Usually grueling diet to help lose weight only for a while. The subtle body accumulates energy-hungry and we bogged down in one day.

Here is what a friend of mine, who was sitting on a strict diet for six months: "One night I woke up and realized that I can no longer ... in spite of what I have achieved excellent results, my body was quite slim. But even this fact could not keep me. I'm right in the middle of the night began to eat everything. I started with a salad, swallowed everything that was in the fridge, even ate all the candy from the baby New Year gift. I ate and could not stop .... »

This is not a physical hunger, it is emaciated, without certain energies, the subtle body.

The physical body can tolerate hunger for a long time and without any disruption, quietly return to power. But the subtle body can not. Him every day need certain conditions and, if they do not give him, then we begin to emotionally worn out, become jittery, nervous, irritable. Remember the state when you sit on a diet for a long time? In it there is absolutely no satisfaction and peace of mind.

The key to good shape is primarily in this thin body. When we receive a lot of emotion in life - our energy body is saturated, and the appetite is minimal. And emotions do not have to be super positive, living emotions basically fills the subtle body. If we live sadness, not suppress it, it is also able to give food to the subtle body. As you know, not being able to live the emotions of their people just jammed.

Positive emotions have a special Slimming effect.

I decided to conduct an experiment and for a month every day planned something joyful for themselves: a hike in the SPA procedures, visiting a beautician, a visit to the tone-club, delicious tea in your favorite coffee shop, ride in a car through the city to your favorite music, hamam, bath with all sorts of women's tricks, shopping ... well the list was long. And I noticed that this month has gone completely unnoticed by several kilograms, although already I do not sit diets Year 4. I ate when I wanted, and in the rest of the time trying, as much as possible to spend more time in an emotionally elated. Then the same effect I noticed at my mother in law, when we gave her the car. It literally melted in the 3 sizes of 1, 5 months as she gets a huge buzz from driving. She admitted that she did not have wants, she even forgets about it, especially when she has to any trip. And then I began to see this pattern at the huge number of women.

In your life too is "high" areas in which you do not need extra makeup to eat, where you charge positive and joy. Find them in your life.

When we live in harmony with their nature, with the body - we do not get hung up on food, taste change our habits, changing interest in the products. Changing our minds, and we want to stop harmful products.

For example, if we have something suppress myself compelled to do things that do not like it, we at the energy level, will seek to more severe, overwhelming food, with lower vibration. This chocolate, heavy cereals, all sorts of semi-finished products, pasta, noodles, mushrooms, etc. These products will give us the subtle power of survival, but it will destroy us physically.

Conversely, when the energy rise, no one can to push junk food in us, because it will not match our vibrations. When we are well, we are satisfied, we prefer a light meal with high vibrations, in order to maintain this condition.

It is important to pay attention to the state of euphoria after the usually parses the desire to eat. Why? Because it is too much stress for a thin body, and it is the law of balance begins to be grounded through food. Therefore, joy and lightness - it's good, and euphoria - a sign of unwillingness to events, our body will try to balance our state or through a heavy meal or after a rollback in depression. Be careful!

Holy people eat a handful of rice a day throughout their lives, not because they pacify their spirit, but because, being in touch with God, they get such deep emotions that process food for them - just a way to support the physical body alive. We are not saints, but our energy body also requires emotion, deep states of joy, sensuality! If we get them only through food, then our destiny is sad ...

What do I suggest?

I suggest you conduct an experiment, and within 21 days to be in touch with their emotions and every day a little bit to do what you like! Write yourself a list of similar studies. Let each of them takes at least half an hour, what would you have time to nourish themselves with joy!

It is important not to do what is good for women, but that "kayfovo" for you personally! And your list will be individual. Start to create a joyful life today, start to feed your subtle body good emotions rather than biscuits and chocolates.

Every day do something good for yourself. It is important that some of these pleasures has been associated with the body, because the body needs positive emotions in his address. For example, SPA, massage, baths, wraps, sexual intimacy, sports, dance ... it is very important that the body has felt a joy, not a constant feeling of guilt for its imperfections. Learn to enjoy through the body, and it will cease to be an anchor of negative emotions. On the contrary, you will start to love it and feel it.
Wear suitable clothing during that time. we do not feel his body in cotton overalls and shorts! It is necessary to wear stylish clothes in size, beautiful lingerie, stockings ... what gives your body a feeling of attraction. For example, I do not wear pantyhose, never. This is very uncomfortable, I feel isolated from their natural (obviously because 2 Chakra overtighten). For several years now I wear stockings in the winter and autumn. The feeling when I stockings, very different, more free. Just as in beautiful lingerie, have a sense of their own sensuality and sexuality. You can have your chips on your body, but they need to find.

Get out of the destructive aspects of their lives, work on your consciousness.

Our body screams about something, let him hear! I know for myself, if I type a few extra kilos - this is a clear indication that I recently stopped to pay attention and to please themselves, no longer to live and enjoy life. At these moments, I thank my body for the reminder and begin to put itself in an adequate energy state.

Here is a list of things that increase our weight, and it does not produce:

Rejection of his nature in order to please her husband, child, family, friends, colleagues;
When we do what we hate;
When we do not realize its purpose;
When we are stuck in the past wrongs;
Insults men (often form a protective layer of fat in the hips);
Fear of life, fear of not cope (forms a protective layer in the stomach area, as a shield from the social impacts);
When we give up its desires;
When we give up their way of life by staying in the comfort zone
From the point of view of psychology, emotion, which can lead to excess weight - it's fear. And fear seized women, men filled ... but it does not go anywhere from it.

Therefore, if you feel that the cause of your extra kilos deeper than just emotional dissatisfaction with life, then you will be examined with their fears and find the courage to live as you like, and not as it should be, and not as usual! Go to their fears, because fear is hidden behind every great energy and strength.

Focus on your desires, rather than nutrition. Good shape - this is not a goal, it is a means to achieve something

. What? Think about what you want to achieve a good figure?

All of our lives we make for certain states. We want to experience, feel, live ...

And even a good figure, we need not for show, but for some very important feeling in the world.

Try to focus on conditions in each day, rather than in the Figure, not grams, not calories. Live a life full of joy, feelings, adventure experiences. Where it is possible to grieve and where it is possible and have some fun!

There is a great psychological technique of Gestalt therapy, it is called "as if ...". This phrase is intended to restore the psychological resource for the exit of a difficult situation, and in terms of our figures, and it also works is: "Live as if you already had the perfect figure for you»

. So imagine:

You are in a perfect body, you comfortably and easily, you feel attractive and desirable.

How else has your life changed after changing shape?
Maybe you are better to treat yourself?
They began to devote more time to his body?
Became more please yourself?
Maybe your intimacy with her husband became more sensual?
Or you become more relaxed and calm?

Keep track of these changes and start now to bring them into your life, without waiting for some kind of indicator on the scale. Joy - a feeling that is available for any physique and weight

. I want to draw attention to the fact that our mental ideal - is not always ideal for our body

. Here you decide for yourself what you want to weigh 55 kg, you have decided wisely that it would be a good thing here are the parameters of the waist and thighs is good for you. Attach the arm to the chest, imagine that you are already in such a body, pay attention to your feelings. Feel comfortable whether you really easily and happily, or you glad mind and body filled with stress? If there is stress or anxiety, then it is clearly not good for the body. It is necessary to take the quality and not quantity.

Suppose you do not have an advertising thinness, but you can make your body really attractive, sexy, attractive working on the quality of the body, the muscles and elasticity of the skin smooth ... this is the health indicators in the woman's body.

I worked for several years with the models, there were three men in my professional company. We had a pretty good relationship, and I would sincerely communicate with them on various topics. And I asked them once, is a problem for their families that they work in a society models, beautiful women with an advertising figure? And they admitted that they like women of another warehouse. All three wives were delicious women in the body!

I know a unit of men who really like very thin women. Woman draws her life, emotions, filled with inner radiance, not the subtlety of its volumes.

I've seen so many amazing women with a flexible figure, attractive roundness of them was such an incredible power of attraction that I have lost the idea that to be skinny - it's cool

. Cool to be filled, joyful, feeling his body and his deep sexy!
Abruptly, the woman controls her body, when she can be skilful mistress and inaccessible queen ...
Cool, when a woman can laugh lively, bright and contagious, so that all the people around are beginning to bloom!
Abruptly, the woman is able to live a full life and get joy from even the smallest detail ...

And just to be all the time in the pursuit of weight, live on the verge of collapse, and counting calories - it's not cool

. Author: Julia Sudakova


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