Explosive mixture — what you SHOULD know about energy drinks

Many parents do not see the energy drinks that Teens drink, much harm. But doctors have to energotoniki...

Explosive mixture

The main problem is the caffeine content, because this ingredient has a stimulating effect. Standard Bank's energy contains about 80 mg of caffeine. About the same a Cup of coffee. However, the first impression about small dose is deceptive.

"Often the label States the total amount of caffeine, instead of having to specify the exact number in milligrams, says Dr. Marcie Schneider, of the American Academy of pediatricians. – Meanwhile, caffeine can also contain other ingredients, in large doses".

For example, the herb guarana – a mandatory component energotonik – caffeine 3 times more than in coffee. The leaves of this South American plant is used in medicine to remove the lactic acid from the muscles and reduce pain, he is also credited with special stimulating properties, but studies were not confirmed.

Another stimulant – taurine. In the standard Bank from 400 to 1000 mg.

In addition, energy drinks contain glucuronolactone. His number could exceed 200 times the recommended daily dose of this substance! The experts of the Scientific Council on food additives of the EU categorical: the safety of the combination of all these ingredients, and in such doses, is not yet proven and requires further study.

"Not only that, these ingredients can themselves have unpleasant side effects, says Dr. Schneider. – We still do not know how each of these chemicals may exacerbate the other."

It is quite likely that collected in a jar, these substances are a volatile mix.

Side effects

Caffeine really stimulates brain activity and increases stamina. But it has a number of proven side effects. The most famous are heart palpitations and high blood pressure. Caffeine causes often go to the toilet and promotes the loss of fluid. But if a strong Cup of coffee drink made with water, energy is often perceived as a drink for quenching thirst. And dehydration occurs much faster. In excessive doses, this substance can cause cramping and abdominal pain.

Caffeine affects the cardiovascular and nervous system. After all, they influence other components of energy. That yohimbine, which increases pressure and speeds up heartbeat, and theobromine – it also speeds up heart rate, cause insomnia, irritability.

Not accidentally, in France, Norway and Denmark energy drinks equated to narcotic medicinal drugs and you can only buy them at the pharmacy.

It would seem that coffee, which is also used as a stimulant, has the same side effects. But scientists believe the lesser of two evils is the lesser. Though, because coffee drink is usually hot, and therefore slow, and the energy drink is a cold drink that is drunk in one gulp, and the whole explosive mixture falls on the body immediately. In addition, these drinks are carbonated, which speeds up the absorption of caffeine. And then, children and teenagers coffee is not commonly drunk.


Under the scrutiny of scientists could not resist the myth that these drinks are charged extraordinary energy. Really, drinking a can of energy, the person feels a lift and burst of energy. If the effect of coffee lasts no longer than 1-2 hours, then energy it lasts 3-4 hours. But then comes the inevitable decline: somnolence, lethargy, irritability and a desire to cheer yourself again. For a growing body such artificial whipping is doubly dangerous, because in adolescence, the internal organs working at maximum.

Energonositeli not give energy, on the contrary, taking her, forcing the body to use its own resources. And sooner or later it will have to pay – insomnia, fatigue, irritability.

So no extraordinary, "inspiring" properties of these drinks do not have. Energy do not give caffeine or theobromine, and vitamins and glucose which are present in many products.A Cup of sweet coffee or tea with chocolate, a glass of fruit juice similarly charged with vivacity, and energy. Only without the sad to the body effects.

The conditions of admission

Experts insist that children under 12 years of age should not drink these beverages. Children under 18 years are not recommended. Since caffeine has a diuretic effect, drink can not be taken after workouts and any physical activity in which we lose fluid. There is a risk of dehydration.

This is what happens if you drink 24 cans energy

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