A normal person can not kill. Denial of murder and search psychopaths.

In July 2005, the TV channel «National Geographic» showed the audience a new project - a documentary about the multi-human abilities to kill a person. Much of this project turned out to be a real discovery for society. By the authors of the film is really shocking facts, and the results of research on this issue make a different look on the man himself, and the war.
This radically changes our understanding that seemed well-established and immutable. Why a normal person, even called in the army and fighting for their homeland, still does not want to kill? Science has found that biological explanations.

The texture of the film is shocking, and at first it is hard to believe. In 1947, the American General Marshall organized a survey of veterans of World War II combat infantry units in order to determine the behavior of soldiers and officers in actual combat. The results were surprising.

Only less than 25% of the soldiers and officers of combat infantry units of the US Army during the battle were shooting at the enemy. And only 2% of deliberately aiming at the enemy. A similar pattern was also in the Air Force: over 50% of American pilots shot down enemy aircraft accounted for 1% of the pilots. It was found that in those kinds of fights where the enemy is perceived as a person and personality (this infantry battles, duels fighter aircraft, etc.) - The army is ineffective, and almost all damage caused by the enemy, produced only 2% of staff and 98% are not able to kill.

A completely different picture, where the military did not see the enemy in the face. The effectiveness of tanks and artillery here is much higher, and the maximum efficiency in Bomber Command. That it during the Second World War and caused maximum damage the enemy manpower (approximately 70% of all military and civilian casualties of the enemy). As for the combat infantry fights "a person in the face", their effectiveness - the lowest among the other branches of service.

The reason - the soldiers can not kill. Since this is - a serious question of the effectiveness of the armed forces, the Pentagon is connected to the research group of military psychologists. Amazing things transpired. It turned out that 25% of soldiers and officers before each fight urinate or defecate in fear. In the US Army at all was the norm. As an example of «National Geographic» brings memories of World War II veteran.

Soldier veteran says that before the first battle in Germany wet himself, but his commander pointed at himself too obmochennogo, and said that it is normal before each fight: "As soon as wetting, fear disappears and I can not control myself." Polls have shown that it is a mass phenomenon in the army, and even in the war with Iraq, too, about 25% of the soldiers and officers of the United States before each fight urinated or defecated from fear.

Bowel and bladder before the fear of death - this is a normal animal instinct inherited man from the beasts: a bowel movement and bladder easier to escape and run away. But here is another psychologists explain once could not. Approximately 25% of the soldiers and officers advancing temporary paralysis or hands, or index finger. And if he has to shoot left-handed and left-handed - that dealt with paralysis of the left hand.

That is, it is one of the hands and fingers, which are needed for shooting. After the defeat of Nazi Germany Reich archives showed that the same attack and pursued the German soldiers. On the eastern front, there was a constant epidemic "freezing" the hand or finger, which had to shoot. Also about 25% of the composition. As it turned out, the reasons lie deep in human psychology, forcibly sent to war.

In this search, researchers primarily found that 95% of all violent crimes are committed by men, and only 5% - women. Which once again confirmed the well-known truth that women in general are not suitable for sending their state of war to kill other people. Studies have also shown that a person is not at all aggressive creature. For example, chimpanzees are in their behavior towards relatives monstrous aggressiveness, which is absent in human evolutionary, because, according to scientists, aggressive individuals of the human race in the course of human history will inevitably die, but survived only those who are inclined to compromise.

Analysis of the behavior of dogs showed that instinct prohibits dogs kill their own kind. They have a clear biological constraints such behavior, introducing a dog into a state of stupor, if it begins to cause injury to another dog, threatening her life. It turned out that a normal person in such situations becomes like dogs. Scientists Pentagon investigating stress soldier during the battle, found that the soldier completely "turns off the front brain", responsible for conscious behavior, and included lobe of the brain that control the body and mind with the help of animal instincts.

This explains the paralysis of the hands and fingers of soldiers - instinctive ban on killing his own kind. That is, it is not mental or social factors, not pacifism or vice versa fascism ideas man. When it comes to the murder of his own kind, including the biological resistance mechanisms that control the human mind in general are not able to. As one example of the «National Geographic» Himmler trip leads to the newly captured Minsk, where the Nazis in Germany and Belarus mass extermination of Jews.
When in front of Himmler, ideologist and organizer of the extermination of Jews, was shot in Minsk Jew, head of the SS began to vomit and faint. It is one thing - to write well in the office orders the murder of "abstract" of millions of people, and another thing - it is to see the death of a particular person, who was sentenced to death by this order.

The largest American psychologists Sveng and Marchand, who worked under the order of the Pentagon, found generally striking. Their findings shocked if combat unit is continuously fighting for 60 days, 98% of staff are crazy. So who are the remaining 2%, which in the course of the clashes is the main fighting force divisions, its heroes? Psychologists clearly and convincingly show that these 2% - psychopaths. This 2% and conscription had serious mental problems.

Pentagon scientists answer was that the effectiveness of the armed forces close combat contact is achieved only in the presence of psychopaths, but because intelligence units or shock breakout should be formed only of psychopaths. However, in the 2% and has a small portion of people who are not classified as psychopaths, but can be attributed to the "leaders».
These are people who usually go after military service in the police or similar bodies. They do not show aggression, but they differ from normal people is the same as that of psychopaths: they can easily kill a human being - and not feel any of that experience.

Indiscriminate killing

The essence of American Studies: biology itself, themselves instincts prohibit a person to kill a person. And it was, in fact, has long been known. For example, in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the XVII century was carried out similar studies. A regiment of soldiers on the range struck during the inspection of 500 targets.

And then in a fight a few days the whole shooting this regiment struck only three enemy soldiers. This fact also leads «National Geographic». Man biologically can not kill a man. And psychopaths that the war is 2%, but is 100% of the impact forces of the army in close combat, as reported by the US psychologists, in civilian life, too, is the killer and, as a rule, are in prison.
Psychopath - and there is a psychopath: in war, where he is a hero, in civilian life, where his place in prison. Against this background, any war itself appears in a different light: where 2% of the Fatherland psychopaths fighting with the same 2% psychopaths enemy, destroying a lot of people who do not want to kill the man. War makes 2% of a psychopath who does not matter for what kill someone. The main thing for them - a signal of political leadership to violence. Here the soul of a psychopath and finds happiness, his finest hour. American study concerned only behavior of the US Army during World War II.

Our domestic military historians already foresee willing to argue that "the Americans - poor fighters, but our army showed peaks of courage and heroism." Why everywhere, and publishes articles that we say, "did not give up and die." This is a bluff. How many Americans surrendered to Hitler? A mere trifle.

But the Soviet Union has shown a record surpassed by no one (and never, I'm sure) how to surrender to the aggressor. Hitler invaded the Soviet Union with an army of just-in 3, 5 million. And this army surrendered in 1941, 4 million soldiers and officers of the Red Army personnel.

Here, of course, did not work the desire not to kill anyone, and the other - an attempt to get rid of the hated Soviet Union, when in 1941, Hitler saw the "liberator" of "Jewish Bolshevism" cursed Stalin, who was the people in the liver.

Veterans of the US World War II and Vietnam, Iraq, and Russian veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya - all agree on one opinion: if the platoon, or in the company turned out to be at least one such psychopath - means unit survives. If it was not - a division perished.
This psychopath is almost always decided the combat mission in all departments. For example, one of the veterans of the American landing in France said that only one soldier decided the whole success of the fight, until all were hiding in the woods on the coast, he climbed to the bunker of the Nazis, was released in its recess cone machine, and then threw grenades, killing it all.

Then ran to the second bunker, where fear of death, he was - one! - Surrendered thirty German soldiers bunker. Then he took alone the third dot ... Veteran recalls: "On the surface this is a normal person, and in communicating it seems quite normal, but those who lived with him closely, including - I know that it is a mentally ill person, full of crazy ».

< In search of psychopaths
The Pentagon has made two major findings. Firstly, it is necessary to build a fighting so that the soldiers did not see the face of the enemy that kills. To do this, as much as possible to develop remote sensing technology of war and to focus on the bombing and shelling. And secondly, those units that will inevitably come into direct contact with a close combat the enemy, it is necessary to form of psychopaths.

Under this program, there were "recommendations" for the selection of contractors. Most of all desire became psychopaths. Moreover, people search for contract service has ceased to be passive (taking away from those who applied), and became active: the Pentagon began a targeted search for psychopaths in the US society, in all its layers, including the most bottoms, inviting them to military service. It was the realization of a scientific approach: the army needed psychopaths.
Namely - the division of close contact fighting, which in the US today only psychopaths and formed. United States - a large country and its population is twice the population of the same Russia. And psychopaths out there for service in the Army can be found in 20 years of "scientific approach" incredibly much. This is probably the origins wins US Army in the current wars. Neither army in the world today can not resist the US Army, not only because of the technology, but primarily due to the fact that the United States first in the world understood the science of murder and drums form the unit only psychopaths.
Today one professional soldiers of the US Army worth hundreds of soldiers of other armies, because found and selected as a psychopath. As a result, armies of other countries still suffer from the same disease - in close combat only about 2% are able to really fight, and 98% - can not kill. And only the United States are significantly changed their effectiveness melee troops, bringing it to 2% in the Second World War to 60-70% today.
In a normal society, we treat psychopaths. Is not it time for us to and from the war itself to recover, if, according to research by scientists, people do not want to fight, can not fight, not intended by Nature or God to fight. A person should not fight. This is the norm. But everything else - psychopathy disease.
Author A. Denikin Source: "Secret research"


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