How to become the most normal person

The other day a client tells me with a painful shame:

- None of the normal people will not eat potato chips at an entrance directly from the package. For example, you do not make sure.

Come on. In my opinion, if we eat potato chips, then that's right - in the stairwell, happily, a secret from relatives, crunching package and licking the salt from his fingers. What's more harmful, MSG, spices? Here they even lick. Well, how do you want chips there - a knife and fork, with china?

But then, of course, not the case in the chips. The point of these mythical "normal people».

I always hear about them from customers, the most contradictory things. They're like ghosts appear everywhere.

Normal people never guzzle any rubbish. A normal person would not let himself be dismissed so. Or vice versa: a normal person would not have to bother with diets and all that nonsense. Normal people are not yelling at the child in public. A normal person does not get tired from children and engaged in their development.

A normal person would not allow himself to live in such filth. A normal person would seek for something, socialized, and not moldy home. A normal person would not have to work for the money.

A normal person loves parties. A normal person does not spend time and money in taverns, but only for studies and sports. Normal people glued to child Advent Calendar. A normal person would have earned in the normal apartment. Normal people are not against the Group. No normal person, on the contrary, would not even think about group sex.

A normal person does not think about the clothes, but always looks great. He runs marathons. Speaking of all known languages. It does not have cellulite, it does not sweat, not bald, not recovering, and may eat nails.

Especially in regard to feelings normal person succeeds. He goes through life laughing. He is always positive. Doubts alien to him. He is always ready to risk everything. He never shouts, no anxiety, fear or remorse. He did not grieve the children do not affect the insults, do not worry quarrel with their husbands. He is invulnerable.

A normal person after a quarrel with his father would not feel scoundrel week, tell me. And how much can you feel day? Half an hour? Five minutes? No, it turns out, I do not at all. I chuckled to go further. There would be "above this».

Normal people by the end of the university already would know what is his vocation. How would he know that? Yes, God knows. Prophetic dream, pike imperative.

A normal person would have realized that chooses when to have a child. How could he understand? How is it generally can be understood if all the books about motherhood at best cover what is called the technical side? And at worst - blatantly lie that you will find unrestrained happiness, sometimes overshadows the desire to sleep easy?

Sometimes I imagine normal person as nonexistent animal Cadaver. The head of a cat, a horse's tail, one foot on the crocodile, the other from the chicken, and eats nails.

And so that's useless to try to show the client immediately inconsistencies. To doubt the viability of the cadaver. The fact that it is real. Because the reality in the same plane as a "normal person" - he is in another.

In fact, this path that we fill poisonous, corrosive shame His own. As a result of this psychological maneuver as splitting a normal person we attribute all that is beautiful, he is infallible, perfect and all is right. has the right to live the hell

And we need all the shameful and pathetic. And you want to cringe, disappear, dissolve.

Here it is possible to go further and argue long about the narcissistic shame about the narcissism of modern society, but some other time.

We usually with customers, a little earlier or later, we come to what is our consciousness cruel game with us. We're all crazy people. In varying degrees We all get into a tantrum, worry because of nonsense, make mistakes and often difficult to accept the consequences. And from time to time feel asshole.
And while we all - normal.

To turn from the abnormal to the normal human need to make just one thing. Very simple. But it is difficult.

It is necessary to expand the boundaries of normality and turn them yourself.

Some normal people do not like parties and get-togethers. Some are annoyed by the children, and others - parents. Still others can not resist the sweet, but at the same time remain normal. Some lazy to shave your legs in the winter, and the fifth, tenth and did bite their nails. Normal people kosyachat. Crying. They can not cope with anxiety. Do not have time to glue the Advent calendar. Guzzle chips from the bag.

Normal people do the same things that we do. Because we are - they are. Almost all the rules of the modern world we are not lowered to Moses on tablets and invented relatively recently, cellulite, and fight against it. We are much more normal these rules.

And maybe this really burning shame they do not stand?

Well. Going to write two lines about the chips, called.

Author: Anastasia Rubtsov
Preview: bellablackbird



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