10 films that we just can not miss this year

2016 has prepared for us a huge amount of amazing films for every taste: from the long-awaited sequel to the cult cartoon brand new, but promising films.

Website warns future kinonovinki so enticing that you have to stock up on a lot of patience to wait for them.

Kung Fu Panda 3 h3> Kung Fu Panda 3

When: from 28 January

After As found his father, they went to the village where they live the rest of relatives pandas. However, he fails to spend some quiet time. A villain kills Kai masters of Kung Fu throughout China. Now, to be a difficult job: to try to turn all their brethren in the squad Kung Fu Panda.

Deadpool h3> Deadpool

When: from February 11

Department X, a special organization to develop weapons, suggested Wade Wilson, a cancer patient, be a guinea pig in a single program. Wilson gained incredible strength, the ability to heal, and most importantly - to avoid his fate. However, his body is a terrible: cell structure is constantly changing, and sanity is becoming more doubtful.

divergents: Behind the wall h3> The Divergent Series: Allegiant

When: from March 10

Tris and Four are leaving the city and outside the walls, so long separated them from the rest of the world. Outside, they get into the thick of the battle erupted, the scale of which threaten all mankind. They need to find out the truth soon and determine who can be trusted and which side to fight.

The Jungle Book h3> The Jungle Book

When: April 7

The studio that gave the world the legendary "Pirates of the Caribbean", once again presents us with an epic picture, full of exciting adventures. The story of the orphan boy who had grown in the jungles of a pack of wolves, a bear and a black panther, got a new vivid expression.

The First Avenger: Conquest h3> Captain America: Civil War

When: 5 May

The government wants to regulate the actions of all people with special abilities and forces them to work in government service. Steve Rogers openly rebelling against the new regime, as Tony Stark, on the other hand, agrees with the law. All this leads to the inevitable split of the Avengers and the Civil War.

Now You See Me: The second act h3> Now You See Me 2

When: from June 9

The team of the best magicians of the world again in the collection! Their magic is even more perfect, but there were also enemies who are more dangerous than the former. Someone is actively trying to frame them, so they have to save their reputations and to expose cruel tehnomagnata.

Independence Day 2: Restoration h3> Independence Day: Resurgence

When: from June 23

Using alien technology, the inhabitants of the earth have created a special program to protect the planet. But nothing can save a small blue ball from a new, more devastating and large-scale alien invasion. Only a few heroes of courage will help prevent the complete destruction of the human world.

Ice Age: The clash is inevitable h3> Ice Age: Collision Course

When: from 14 July

Scrat is thrown out into space, where it is satisfied with the number of space accidents. The world is looming threat of another, so Sid, Manny, Diego and the rest of the characters are forced to leave their homes and go on a journey towards a mysterious new land.

The Secret Life of animals h3> The Secret Life of Pets

When: from 18 August

Terrier named Max is concerned about the appearance of his host yet another favorite - Duke pooch. The rivalry was not passed, but they share a common enemy - cute rabbit Snowball, who collects a whole army of abandoned animals, to avenge a happy pet and their owners.

The fantastic creatures, and where they live h3> Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

When: 17 November

For those who still inconsolable suffering because of the end of the saga of the "boy who survived," JK Rowling has prepared a new surprise. In the new film, the audience will once again plunge into the atmosphere of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but here the story is told about the adventures of the writer Newt, which took place 70 years before the Harry Potter book, read it in school.

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