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The Internet got instruction for employees of large US firms operating in Russia. In addition to the historical and geographical description of it was a whole section devoted to modern Russian realiyam.841d63021c.jpg

1.Babushki often play a central role in the family. They raise their children and have a difficult character. They did not regret. They pushed in the subway and in the stores to get ahead of the queue.

2. The Russian society is focused on children. Most love their children. Children - a good topic to talk about, when you become friends.

3. The young Russian system of values ​​different from the values ​​of the older generation. Young focused on consumption and purchasing.

4. Now hard times for retirees. They are often poor, resentful of government inaction and afraid that society has left them, and wonder whether they should anyone at all.

5. The role of the "kitchen culture". Consider that you are accepted in Russian society, if you sit late at night in a Russian kitchen with borscht bread, vodka and philosophize. Be prepared for a long and deep personal conversations, in contrast to what most Americans are accustomed to.

6. You will see war memorials in each city ... and veterans with their awards. The war killed one of three in many places and was shaping event for that generation. Russian hard to understand why we pay so little attention to past wars.

7. If you are invited to visit, bring with chocolates, flowers or a bottle of alcohol. Never refuse an invitation to visit or to the country. It was at a party, you really get to know people.

8. Be aware of the March 8 International Women's Day. You will need to give gifts to women at work. If you are working in Russia or with Russian team, do not forget to give gifts and congratulate on this day.

9. Not only the work done in the second half of December, the first half of January and the first half of May, during the holidays. Schedule in advance, knowing that many of these days is not at work. This is the worst time to schedule appointments.

10. Do not forget trinadtsatidnevnuyu difference between the Julian and Gregorian calendars ... Because of the Russian Christmas.

11. Russian traditions include the following:
 - Razuvaev near doors in houses and apartments. They will give you slippers. Indecent walk barefoot or in socks.

 - Do not give the greeting card in advance, giving in celebration or later. Give cards in advance - unfortunately.

 - Never forget birthdays Russian. This important event.

 - You are expected ability toasts during the festivities, as well as knowledge and anecdotes. Russian have a pronounced sense of humor, as compared with other nations.

 - It is assumed that you can discuss art, literature and culture. Russian feel that American culture poorer. Russian reads three times more than we do. Even if the poor, reading newspapers and books in the subway. You will see a lot of kids who take out a book immediately, as soon sit in the subway.

 - Does not forgive the threshold. It is unfortunate, and many believe that a quarrel.

 - Do not press the gloved hand. It's insulting.

 - Never show "OK" sign. It is believed that this is low and rough.

 - Avoid gesture «V» with the index and middle finger inside. This is the same as the facts show.

 - The best way - to show the thumb, if you have something to acknowledge you or something like it.

 - Never criticize Russian history and society. They want to forget some times, but Russian want to be proud of their history and heritage.

 - Never say that America is a more advanced country. Nowadays, in many cases, it is not so.

 - Not to express, especially when the ladies. You will lose all confidence and will be perceived as a man from the lower classes.

 - Speak so that did not seem as if you read them sermons. They want to talk on an equal footing and strongly offended when someone seems better.

 - In Russian churches, women should wear headscarves and modest clothing.

 - It is believed that light a candle from the restaurant - unfortunately.

 - Monday is considered to be a bad day to start a business or a trip.

 - The cat should be the first to cross the threshold of a new home.

 - A woman should not sit on the corner of the table. It is believed that after this she will not get married for seven years. It is also believed that this misfortune will be a man.

 - Spitting three times over his shoulder prevents the bad news.

 - Russian rarely show or threaten another finger at the table. Do not point fingers, knife and other utensils during a meal. This is a very rough and rude.

 - If the offer additive, do not give up, even on a small portion. Offensively refuse.

 - If you were sitting before someone came, stand up to greet him. Do not sit.

 - When giving flowers, give an odd number of roses or flowers. Do not give an even number.

 - Do not wear jeans and a T-shirt when you go to visit a business partner, but you can wear when traveling to the country.

 - Flipping fingers on the neck means that someone else has or will have a drink.

 - Do not speak or laugh too loudly in public.

 - Do not pour the wine over his arm. It is indecent.

 - Do not walk in street clothes in the room.

 - Do not make a picnic on the lawn.

 - Sit in silence for some time before the trip (in the sense of "on track»).

 - Knock on wood three times to avoid trouble.

12. If you are invited to visit, do not plan anything for the evening. You will be there a long time.

13. The first toast is always for the hostess, then for women and then for others. When you are ready to leave, will be the turn "Pososhkov", which is a historical tradition. After the toast, choknetes glasses, if you drink.

14. Always confirm the meeting. Specify once more, everything is in place.

15. At concerts and events applause will be rhythmic to show approval.

16. Russian knowledgeable about every player in the NHL, NBA, and often, but know nothing about American football or baseball. It is unlikely that you will be able to fully explain the rules of baseball, so try to find out anything about hockey or basketball.

17. Russian love fishing. If you are a fisherman or a hunter, you're on the way to being a good person to be considered in Russia.

18. Do not recognized definitively broken. It is believed that all you can somehow fix it. Russian super resourceful, years do without spare parts, and everything worked.

19. Russian reward for the work is normal. It includes a bottle of plumbing, remuneration for special medical treatment. The concept of "cronyism", "does not have 100 rubles but 100 friends».

20. This leaves Russian dacha (summer house). Potatoes and vegetables are planted and watered. As our cottages. "Kebab" prepare men for special recipes. Who do at home all year round. Most families go to the cottage for the summer.

21. Russian do not like queues. Often pushed to crawl forward.

22. You will find that a lot of women walk in the courtyards of houses, gossiping and walk with children. The principle of exit for lunch to get worn out, caught on yet that only the cream of society.

23. People watch television, but do not believe what they see and read. They understand that information is controlled, but they believe that this is normal, it always has been, and especially no choice.

24. The Russian did not share their secrets with strangers. Traditionally, the phone did not speak openly, preferring a personal meeting. A lot of the information is private, and they will share it with you only if they trust you.

25. The Russian mentality - it's a zero sum game (meaning that the Russian need to either win or lose, compromise can not be). Often difficult to get different groups to work together because they feel that their ideas and positions of some gang.

26. The Russian could see little of democracy and capitalism in general is perceived as receiving benefits for a small layer of elites and crime.

27. The restaurants are popular dances. There are security guards who kicked drunk at about 22:00. Sometimes it ends the fight between drunks.

28. Russian like to walk, even in winter, in the center of Moscow and other cities.

29. Russian love ice cream even in the coldest times of the year.

30. As part of the wedding ceremony is a trip to the Sparrow Hills near Moscow State University and the Eternal Fire near the Kremlin. Actually ceremony rather short, but followed by extensive partying.

31. Many new rich have homes in London, Spain, Cyprus and France.

32. A sign of belonging to the middle class are traveling abroad 2-3 times a year.

33. Many Russian women believe that a Russian man is lazy, will not prepare or help around the house, or else a lot of drinks.

34. Many of the women who had abortions do not regard this as a political or moral problems and do not understand why the Americans to discuss the problem.

35. Many Russian actively against homosexuality, in the presence of well-known gay clubs and public figures.

36. The government is perceived separately from the citizens, not "We - the people and has the power».

37. The idea of ​​using long-term loans and mortgages for the purchase of cars and houses is only beginning to take root. Often the purchase of houses is paid in one or two stages.

38. The Russian still afraid to make a mistake / lose. Accept failure as the end of the road, not a pothole on it.

39. Love to have guests at home or at the cottage, but it is generally desirable to call and warn about his visit in advance and appoint a time, rather than just go simply because they turned out to be next door.

40. Going hand in hand is normal for friends, regardless of gender.

41. Russian rarely starts a conversation with people who do not know the street or in the subway, in contrast to the small towns in Minnesota.

42. Tops For "closet" at concerts and events. Normally, leave a small tip the attendant.

43. Russian tipping is usually less than 10-15% of our ... Exception - pretentious restaurants.

44. Russian circus - it is something special and is considered an honorable profession of a clown.

45. Perspectives on nationality in Russia differ from the United States. First, White, or the great Russian, and then everything else. Caucasians have dark skin, they are exposed to the greatest discrimination, they are looked down upon and often can be seen in the markets.

46. ​​Russian often tell jokes about the Chukchi ... It's kind of like our jokes about Iowa.

47. Stay away from demonstrations. You may find for the participant, and you will not have any rights.

48. On the streets Americans easily identified by their shoes, haircuts, they look calm, they slowly walk and smile.

49. At work, people dress well, men in suits, women wearing makeup and dresses. Most Russian consider us unfashionable, they do not understand why we have so many fat people. There is an old Russian saying "meet on clothes, was escorted to the mind».

50. Do not use drugs in Russia. There is a strong drug culture, but if you get caught, you will not wriggle.

51. There are limits on the export of money from the country. You can declare the money transfer through a bank or just go through customs ... Problems to bring money in Russia will not.

52. Arrive at the airport early. The queue moved slowly, is that pull everything out of suitcases if you fly through Sheremetyevo.

53. Remember that hierarchy and position is very important in Russian organization. Position in the organization often determines a person's status, and among workers of different levels there is a certain distance, both the organizational and the psychological levels.


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