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Looking from the side is always interesting. About restrooms fun. Only now it is more of an overhang of disgust and fear of contracting) It is interesting that the American is not come to mind ...

The ments
Russian police of old Soviet memory still do not like, and the police themselves called a contemptuous word «ment». And although now the ments are not intended for the Russian bright clothes or non-standard haircut, they continue to take money from street vendors, turning a blind eye to the fact that they sell in the wrong place and even counterfeit goods.

Ever since the Soviet Union collapsed and the Iron Curtain fell, Russian They stopped walking in boots and are now exactly the same Chinese sneakers, public walks, and our young people. The only distinguishing feature of Russian clothing remains kepka - a special type of headgear that summer wear baseball caps instead of, and in the winter instead of the traditional Russian shapka. The latter are now the only military and Trepper - Siberian fur hunters. If you see a man in Moscow, at the head of which shapka, then it's likely to be an American.

Russian outwardly indistinguishable from Americans: the right - an American, and the left - Russian. The main difference is that the Russian is almost never smiles, but very often laugh.

In the crowd of tourists on Red Square Russian can be identified only by language speech.

Outside Moscow, Russian still live in wooden houses with stove heating. These houses do not have toilets, and people have to go outside even in winter. However, the internet is now in every home.

Russian Now do not drink so much vodka. She prefers the older generation only. Russian youth prefers beer. Beer, however, is very peculiar - a bitter-tasting and very strong. I suspect that at the factory it is diluted with the same vodka. It is called Beer «Okhota», that Russian is translated as desire. One bottle of this beer is able to shift the buffalo, and at this dose only Russian excites desire. Therefore, I suspect also that in the same factory in beer is added, and yohimbine (horse pathogen - Ed). Perhaps that is why erectile function in Russian is much stronger than that of our men, and is retained even after 40 years.
Russian, as before, walking with open arms, but it is not a combat weapon, and traumatic. In the first years after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the streets of Russian cities were heard incessant skirmishes, but with the advent of Putin's leisure carrying military weapons was forbidden, and now the streets of Moscow or St. Petersburg, you can safely walk, not only the day but also at night. Cases of mass killings in schools and offices in Russia are extremely rare. But recently one case caused a stir - a lunatic with a gun came to work and began to shoot at fellow officers. However, he managed to kill at least ten people before being overpowered themselves colleagues. Many Russian claim that being one on one with an armed man, they would have done well - to die or be wounded Russian is still not afraid.

Russian vodka now prefer beer.

Russian women, especially the young, dress brightly, but with taste.
Eat Russian is still worse than the Americans - it shows in their complexion. Especially not undernourished women - many of them showing signs of degeneration, and open the back, you can clearly see the spine. This is despite the fact that they are dressed smartly, sometimes even pretentious. Probably, they save on food to buy expensive clothes and cosmetics. Very much they spend on perfumes and deodorants, and for the fact that I do not use these things, Russian women I even criticized, saying that the smell coming from me, it is unpleasant.
In all of this Russian women do not know how to use the toilet. Rather than sit on it, they hang over him, torso forward, and some climbing on the toilet with legs and pee squatting. Perhaps they just have not got used to the toilet - in many public restrooms are still in place seating installed kortochnye toilets (in the original - squat toilets). Kortochny toilet is a bucket, recessed in the floor. On either side of this bucket are serrated footrests. To go to the Russian toilet, you need to get your feet on the stand. Toilet, so will you between the legs. Then follows pulled his pants, but not below the knee, so that they do not touch the dirty floor, and then squat.

Kortochny toilet - Russian type of toilet.

There reigns a cult of Russian women. In public transport they give way to the place, and if a woman carries a heavy bag, the man offered to help her. Many women that is so overused that they are not working, comfortably live by helping them men.
Defending the honor of women, Russian ready to go to the most extreme measures.

Typical Russian car

Russian quite openly to express their feelings - right near the Kremlin can be seen kissing on the benches. However, this is only a heterosexual couple - kissing each other men can just beat, and kissing women on the Russian somehow laugh.
By the way, Russian prostitutes in the hotel lobby also adhere only to men, and I did not pay any attention. When I asked them about the value of their services, for some reason they laughed and called me Durr and one even put to his temple index finger, simulating a gun.
In contrast to the times of the USSR, when private ownership of cars was not encouraged, and those who went on a personal machine, neighbors, and colleagues looked at with suspicion, believing that the car bought on the stolen money, and now all moral restrictions have been lifted, and almost all Russian got cars. The width of the roads on a number of machines has been designed and began to form cork. Therefore, residents of large cities to leave their cars and ride on the subway.
Russian store their cars in a very peculiar. They have come up with moving the garage, which is literally covered car. Such garages called snail shell.
Now in Russia there are many foreign cars, but in spite of it all Russian cars are most likely to build their own SUVs. They modify them in makeshift conditions to improve throughput and load capacity. The driver and passengers are in spartan conditions - room too small, hard and uncomfortable seats, and air-conditioned and non-existent. However, most Russian SUV, despite the vastness of the Russian expanses, used exclusively in the city.

Russian Using these machines is not surprising: in the towns it is impassable mud.

Know Russian and world-famous artists, but for some reason prefer to work by Kazimir Malevich.

Russian love to read. Read them even children. Anyone who travels to Moscow subway standing - read. Those who managed to grab a seat, sleeping directly on the subway. Russian know not only Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky, but also of Shakespeare and Dickens. Especially as they like for some reason, a little-known stories of the American writer of the 19th century, Mark Twain. Young people are now reading e-books, written on tablets or downloaded on the Internet, and the most visited Russian sites were and still are those that published the book. Despite the collapse of the education system that occurred after the collapse of the Soviet Union, literacy persists not only among the older generation, but also among young people born after 1991.

Russian - avid theatergoers, and if every Muslim wants to visit Mecca every Russian wants to visit the Bolshoi Theatre.

Buy a Kalashnikov possible only if you do not have a criminal record, you do not suffer from mental illness and did not drink. Considering the latter fact, many in the Russian weapons is no longer available, and since then Putin has banned the sale of arms drinking on the streets of Russia was quiet and absolutely safe.
Russian knows about America much more than Americans know about Russia. Anyone in the subway you can list all 50 states, called by name all the American presidents and quote the Bill of Rights. Almost all Russian in Moscow and St. Petersburg in varying degrees of perfection speak in English. However, few of them correctly pronounce English «t», and in a speech, they often miss the article, which in the Russian language in general is not available. But if you ask for directions from any well-dressed Muscovites, it is clear not only explain to you, but in some cases, conducting the destination. In St. Petersburg, too, patiently explain the way, but with less enthusiasm and a St. Petersburg woman, perfectly speaks with a British accent, having finished his explanation, reproachfully he said: "It's a shame not to know his city!».

Russian are very fond of dogs. Dog pack freely roam around the city and, looking into the eyes of passers-by, asking for food. And people are fed. The situation in Russia is akin to dogs position cows and monkeys in India.

Modern Russian girls do not marry so early and not as willingly as before. Most often it forces them to marry an unplanned pregnancy.



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