20 cases where the name and profession for each other

Sometimes it happens that a man and his work fit just perfectly, and even his name says it. < Website I have collected the most accurate "hit" name to the profession. As it happened - by accident or by the will of fate - we will never know.


The METRO meat to lead anybody will not take.

Accountants are accountants.

- Why did not repaired? - Yes we cannabis post detained ...

Oh, who are not only responsible prescribed.

With the name Wolf is better not to go.

- When you Vladimir? - Never? - Never? Why is that? - In what ever? According to Civil Defense and Emergencies.

Sober experts we've never even hypothetically.

- Name? - Careful. - You're hired.

100% hit.

I am not, but life is like that.

I think this is the most ridiculous name, which I have ever seen.

Borsch home Tatiana Anatolevny nobody is ready in principle.

Chicken is not a miss.

The fun you have, perhaps, an inquiry is held.

Forgive me ?!

With the doctor for an ultrasound just do not get bored.

There are also matching ...

To make a diagnosis, you need to ask the patient to pronounce the name.

Oh, I tomato, master greenhouses.

They were looking for ... and have found each other.

It is clear who should say thank you.

All this would be rabbit!

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