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List built in descending order:

1. Lee - more than 100 million people worldwide
This is the most common surname in the world, the happy owners of which are about 7.9 percent of the population of China. There are different variations of this surname - Li, Lee and even Ly, everything depends on the region of human habitation.

2. Zhang - more than 100 million people
Zhang - one of the most common Chinese surnames. In 1990 she was recognized as the most common in the world and got into the Guinness Book of Records. This name is used in China for more than 4 thousand years.

3. Wang (Wang) - more than 93 million people
China's population is more than 1 billion people, is not surprising that the Chinese are the most common names in the world. Van - one of the names used by China with 93 million people. Translated literally, it means - "monarch", "king". This name is also often used in Korea, Vietnam, and even in Japan.

4. Nguyen (Nguyen) - more than 36 million people
Nguyen - the most common Vietnamese surname. About 40% of the population of Vietnam are its carriers. This name also extends beyond Vietnam in those countries where Vietnamese emigrate. For example, 7 is the most common name in Australia, as well as 54 in France. In the US it is at location 57.

5. Garcia - more than 10 million people
Last name Garcia spread around the world - in North and South America, the Philippines and Spain. In a surname, likely Basque origin, means "young", "junior". Approximately 3.3% of Spaniards are Garcia, is the second most common last names in Cuba, and Mexico, Garcia is 4.1 million people.

6. Gonzales - more than 10 million people
Gonzalez surname of Spanish origin. This is the second after Garcia's surname in Spain. It is also popular in Latin America - in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and Paraguay.

7. Hernandez - more than 8 million people
Last Name Hernandez has both Spanish and Portuguese roots. It is used in Mexico, USA, Chile, Spain, Cuba and other countries. Translated, it means "son of Hernan."

8. Smith - more than 4 million people
Smith - English name, the most common in the UK, Australia and the United States, Canada and Ireland. Origin of the name associated with blacksmithing craft, Smith called it in the old blacksmiths.

9. Smirnov - more than 2.5 million people
Contrary to popular belief, the most common Russian surname is not Ivanov, and especially not Kuznetsov. More than 2.5 million people worldwide carry the name of Smirnov. Origin of the name is probably related with the word "attention".

10. Mueller - over a million people
German surname Muller is the most common in Germany and Switzerland, as well as in Austria and some other neighboring countries. Translated from the German means - "the miller."


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