Brand names that are pronounced correctly

Say, you are absolutely sure that the correct pronunciation of the name of the world-famous foreign firms and companies? This site contains a selection of the correct pronunciations with which no harm will be familiar!


Surprisingly, but in fact "ziroks" rather than "Hi." In the US, the initial letter «X» is always read as "Z". "Xena - Warrior Princess" is also, incidentally, is written «Xena». But in Russia, from the very first Xerox copier was named Xerox, and now no one will understand what is at stake if he hears "ziroks».


Translated from the Korean «Hyundai» means "modernity". Correct Russian transliteration of the word - "Hyundai" with the accent on the last syllable. In the name of the Russian advertising delicately try not to say, limited only English-language writing, although the official website of the company used the spelling "Hyundai". In people, the Korean automaker's name and "Hyundai" and "Hyundai", and even "Hyundai».

Moet e Shadon

Contrary to popular opinion in Russia, in the name of world-famous brand of sparkling wines are not removed when pronouncing "r" in the word Moёt, and "n" in the word Chandon. Union "and", presented in the name of the ampersand is read, as it should be in French, «e».


Italian manufacturer of luxury sports car called the "Lamborghini". According to the rules of reading in Italian, if after «g» is «h», it reads like a "T". But in Russia is so widespread incorrect pronunciation "Lamborghini", that even the auto search system Google delivers exactly it.


The brand name comes from the name of the goddess of victory Nike and the original sounds "Nike." That is how to pronounce it in the United States. However, ignorance of this fact on the one hand, and rules of reading the English word «nike» on the other hand, led to widespread in Europe in general and Russia in particular wrong transcription "Nike." Incorrect essentially name stuck and not only stuck, but also used in the title of the official representative in Russia.


Pronounced "Porsche" with the accent on the first syllable of the name of company founder Ferdinand Porsche. Russians are confused or stressed syllable or losing end, wondering why did not read the final «e» in the name of a luxury SUV Cayenne (Porsche Cayenne).


Stupid of course, but some fighters for the correct naming of everything assure that it is necessary to say "Bee-Em-Double-U." No need to - because "Baie-Em-Ve" - it is absolutely adequate pronunciation for BMW, the German automaker, whose name is known to have occurred, down from Bayerische Motoren Werke. In German, the letters included in brendneym called so, and W - is "CEs».


Careful studies have shown that both options have long and firmly established in the general use and even in the United States portrayed in both. People continue to be interested, argue, argue, but all the evidence is in this case boils down to two points: English speakers often say Livayz because according to the rules of the English name of Levi read as "Lebanon"; but the creator of the first jeans called Levi.
Levi Strauss was a German Jew, get the name at birth Loeb. At age 18, he moved from his native Bavaria in San Francisco, and his name is for the convenience of casting in the United States turned to Levy. And if you follow the grammar of the English language, that is correct, "Lewis».


Samsung pronounced in Russia pronounced as "Samsung", but more correctly "Samson", with the accent on the first syllable, which means "three stars».


Russian representation of Japanese automaker Mitsubishi's his last campaign to focus on the version of "Mitsubishi". The penultimate sound in the Japanese language actually reads like a cross between "a" and "w", but closer to the "C" than a "w", so the vast majority yaponista and translators from Japanese continue to insist on "Mitsubishi". < br />
And as a bonus site offers a cheat sheet with the rules of pronunciation of the names of the designers and brand names.

Alexander McQueen - the name Alexander is no problem, but his name is often pronounced correctly: you have to say instead of McQueen McQueen.

Azzedine Alaia - three vowels in the names of the designer should not scare you, his name is Azzedine Alaia.

Badgley Mischka - this is not the name of one person, and the names of the founders of the designer brand Mark Badgley and James Mischka.

Balmain - on the English style of this brand name is pronounced "BalmEyn" but he French roots, so it would be correct, "Ballmann».

Bulgari - sounds like a jewelry brand "Bulgaria" and not "Balgar».

Burberry - this British brand there is a lot of doubt, and not to confuse you, we will not list them: the correct version - "Bёrberi».

Carolina Herrera - the first letter of the last name of the designer is dumb, so "Carolina ErEra».

Cartier - with the accent on the last syllable will be the "map».

Céline - despite allegedly icon accent above the letter E, the right to put the emphasis on the last syllable, "Céline».

Chloé - it is a true French brand, its name is pronounced in the French manner "Chloe" and not "Chloe».

Christian Louboutin - the famous shoemaker LUBUTAN name is Christian and his shoes abbreviated as "Lubis».

Christian Lacroix - Meet Christian Lacroix, and the last letter of his name can not be read.

Comme des Garçons - this Japanese brand its name says, in the French manner, so will be the "Combe de Garzón" no end of letters S.

Dolce & Gabbana - memorize and never make mistakes, it's "Dolce Gabbana End».

Dsquared - a complicated name of this Italian brand is a play on words that reads like a "DiskuErt».

Emilio Pucci - Emilio Pucci this case is with the accent on the first syllable, not the Puxi and Pukki.

Etro - Italian brand has the accent is on the first letter, so "Etro" and not "Etro».

Hermès - for a long time in Russia this brand called it as "Hermes", while the correct version based on French phonetics to a shorter name "ErmE" with the accent on the last syllable.

Hervé Léger - bandage dresses produces mark "Hervé LezhE", but certainly not any Herve Leger.

Giambattista Valli - this ZHAMBATTISTA Valley, while his colleague Gianfranco Ferre sounds only as Gianfranco Ferrers.

Giorgio Armani - to offend the great designer is not necessary, therefore, to remember that the right of its name sounds like "Giorgio Armani».

Givenchy - not Givenchy not Givenchi but only Givenchy.

Jean-Paul Gaultier - with Jean-Paul's simple, but there are snags with the name - it sounds like "Gauthier».

Jimmy Choo - brand shoes and accessories pronounced Jimmy Choo.

Guess - Please, just do not GuЁs, but simply "rec».

Lacoste - read how to spell, but with the accent on the letter O.

Loewe - as not only distort the name of the Spanish brand, although it sounds quite simple: "LoEve».

Louis Vuitton - not Louis, and Louis, and VyutOn and VyuitOn. Record yourself as a cheat sheet!

Marchesa - the name of the Italian rules should be read as "Marchesi" and not "Marchese».

Miu Miu - almost like a cat meow, "Miu Miu».

Moschino - the name of the brand comes from the surname of its founder Franco Moschino.

Nina Ricci - similar to pronounce Gucci Ricci.

Proenza Schouler - on the title of the American brand, you can almost "break the language." Remember how to read the correct version, "Schooler proenzyme».

Ralph Lauren - correct pronunciation is Lauren, but not Laura, because it is an American brand.

Salvatore Ferragamo - breathe deeply and exercise, "SalvatOre Ferragamo».

Sergio Rossi - Sergio is not, as in Spain and SErzho, the Italian style.

Sonia Rykiel - with Sonia everything is clear, and the name of the designer is read as "Rykiel».

Tommy Hilfiger - it is a simple name for many reason, causes difficulties. It is true to say, "Tommy Hilfiger».

< UGGs - not "uggs" and "arc", which, however, it does not prevent all call this shoe just uggami.

Versace - say "Versace" with the accent on the penultimate syllable.

Vionnet - not "Vayonet" in the English style, and "VonnE" lost with the last letter.

Yves Saint Laurent - this name in connection with the release of a biographical film is now on everyone's lips, so do not make mistakes, it's "Yves Saint Laurent" and no one else.



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