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Adaptation of the international names to the local market - not an easy process, sometimes even harder than creating a new name.
The history of the global naming knows many cases, when the output of the product in the international market, he had an urgent basis to change the name because of discordant or because of stupid brand name translation into the language of the new country sales.
Another problem that often arises, but which few people pay attention, is the convenience of pronouncing foreign names for non-native speakers.


The brand name comes from the name of the goddess of victory Nike and the original sounds "Nike." This is how to pronounce it in the United States. However, ignorance of this fact on the one hand, and the rules of reading the English word «nike» on the other hand, led to widespread in Europe in general and Russia in particular incorrect transcription of "Nike". Wrong in fact, not only the name stuck and stuck, but also used in the title of the official representative in Russia.


Italian manufacturer of luxury sports car called the "Lamborghini". According to the rules of reading in Italian, if after «g» should «h», it reads like a "G". But in Russia is so common incorrect pronunciation "Lamborghini" that even auto search system Google gives his name. But if you say Italian Lamborghini familiar way, you look like an idiot that has caused serious offense.


Previously brand Garnier (part of L'Oreal) voiced himself in Russian as Garnier (mark has been registered in Russia since 1991) - in the tradition of French brands such as transmission Perrier (Perrier) or Courvoisier (Courvoisier). And submarki were in the French spirit, supporting Parisian origin of the product: Moel Garnier Garnier De invizible, Cristal Blonde Garnier.
Later on the results of focus groups Brand refused to correct pronunciation and transcription replaced on the transliteration - apparently assuming that buyers so it's easier to read her name. In Russia they know a foreign language five percent of the population. Then she Garnier, despite the parasitic association with garnish: but as I hear, and almost written.
Cosmetic name change, despite the media weight until help: network people continue to write the name and the old style, and even complete transliteration: Garnier, Garnier, Garnier and even the Guarani.
Throwing sets the tone of the brand itself, using the Russian site three options Neumann in one sentence: "The history of the brand Garnier began in 1904, when Alfred Amour Garnier - barber, perfumer and haberdasher of Blois - released its first product, hair lotion Garnier».
And in general, without naming subbrendovom Carl and Clara did not understand: Color Nechralz, Dusёr Blonde Garnier, Garnier Belle Color ...



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