20 regular brand names, which are always misinterpret

It's all about naming. Edition Site , for example, only not declined unfortunate Hyundai, until it became clear from this article that the correct version of the one, and it - Hyundai! Translated from Korean - sovremennost.Davayte same date and will remember the correct name brands that once not misinterpret. So:

1. Nayki

brand name comes from the name of the goddess of victory Nike and sounds "Nike" in the original. That's how it pronounced in the United States. However, ignorance of this fact on the one hand, and reading the English word "of nike" rule on the other hand, led to widespread in Europe in general and in Russia in particular, incorrect transcription of "Nike". Incorrect actually the name stuck and not only stuck, but also used in the title of the official representative of the company in Russia.

2. Lamborgini

Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars called "Lamborghini". According to the rules of reading in Italian, if after the "g" is "h", it reads like a "T". However, in Russia so common incorrect pronunciation "Lamborghini" that even Google auto search system shows exactly it. But if we say, Lamborghini Italian familiar way, you look like an idiot who caused serious offense.

3. Garner

Previously Garnier brand voiced himself in Russian as the Garnier (mark has been registered in Russia since 1991) - in the tradition of French brands such as Perrier (of Perrier), or Courvoisier (Courvoisier). Later on the results of focus groups Brand refused to correct pronunciation and transcription replaced on transliteration - assuming that buyers so it's easier to read the name. And she became Garnier, despite the parasitic association with garnish. But as I hear, and almost written.

Cosmetic renaming, despite the weight of the media, is not helped: people continue to write the network name and an old-style, and even the full transliteration: Garnier, Garnier, Garnier and even the Guarani

. Tone Throwing sets the brand itself, using the Russian site three variants Neumann in one sentence: "The history of the brand Garnier began in 1904, when Alfred Amour Garnier - barber, perfumer and haberdasher Blois - released its first product, hair lotion Garnier».

And in general, without naming subbrendovom Carl and Clara did not understand: Color Nechralz, Dusёr Blonde Garnier, Garnier Belle Color ...

4. Hёnde

Translated from Korean «Hyundai» means "modernity". Proper Russian transliteration of the word - "Hyundai" with the accent on the last syllable. In the name of the Russian advertising delicately try not to say, limited to only English-language writing, although used writing "Hyundai" on the official website of the company. In people, the Korean automaker's name and "Hyundai" and "Hyundai", and even "Hyundai».

Similar difficulties with reading Hyundai also found in other countries. Therefore cars in the USA advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein & amp; Partners was coined a slogan, designed to help Americans remember the correct pronunciation of the English brand: «Hyundai. Like Sunday ». Please note that under the Americans brendneym slightly adapted.

Similar confusion arises in the pronunciation of the names of some Hyundai models. So, SUV Hyundai Tucson is often called Tusan, Tuksan, Tucson, Tucson. And on the Hyundai Tucson actually named after the North American city in the state of Arizona and correctly pronounced Tussal.

5. Porshe


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