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With the rate of correct pronunciation of names of some famous people we have met. I think it is time to begin the study of phonetic features world famous brands, which to some extent are also the stars, however, already on its fashion scene. As a rule, difficulties arise in the pronunciation of the French and Italian brands. About them we talk today.


Of course, the easiest way to say "Balmeyn" in the English style. But the brand named for its creator, Frenchman Pierre Balma (do not forget that the name of the French and the final "a" is pronounced like the nose, that is, almost "Balmain").

Yves Saint Laurent

Another brand, named after its founding father Yves Henri Mathieu Don-Saint-Laurent, better known as Yves Saint Laurent. If you want to look like a true connoisseur of the fashion industry, I recommend to pronounce the name of the brand in French, with nasal "n": Yves Se (n) Laura (n).

Estée Lauder

Somehow, among the majority of people they say "Este Lauder", when in fact it would be correct Este (last sound - something between "e" and "i") Luder. I found it strange that the search engine to my inquiry "Este Luder" gave several links to forums with discussions of users of the company. All decent article enjoyed bored pronunciation "Lauder". I did not give up and decided to listen to the pronunciation of the brand makeup artists house Estée Lauder, then looked video beauty bloggers, one and all pronounced "Loder" and only English byutimany persistently repeated "Lauder". Why such obstinacy, I do not know.


One of my favorite brands, which produces natural cosmetics, which are always a pleasure to use. While looking for a logo for today's article, faced with such a funny video: passers-by in New York, stopped at the boutique L'Occitane and asked to read what is written on the sign. Such a large number of options you I did not expect. Were "lokitan" and "ositan" and "lositane" someone even read "lokante" and at the end of a brand owner explained the meaning of its name and its correct interpretation, "Loksitan." Exactly. And do not forget about the nasal "n».


How to correctly pronounce the name of this brand, I learned in school days, when only started paying attention to cosmetics, but did not know French. At the end of commercials, immediately after flattering nahvalivany beauty-product, a man's voice offscreen pleasant baritone voice broadcast from the other side of the screen "Givenchy" (do not forget about the nasal "n"), and it was impossible to forget. And the voice and accent and pronunciation forever ingrained in my memory, so I did not have to fall into the trap of saying "Givenchi" or something like that.


Each time, going to say the word, I'm starting to slow down. Quickly want to say "Lanvin" but mind understands what it takes different. And in another way, that is to say in French, is "La (n) ve (n)." Russian-language sources are again deceived by calling the company founder, Jean-Marie Lanvin. Although its namesake easily call Gerard Lanvenom. I am again puzzled.


The most common version in all parts of the world - "Clarins" or, at worst, "Clarín" with the French "ppp". I can assure you that neither one nor the other option is not valid. "Clara (H)" - the surest of all possible options.


I remember that I looked like a show about models, in one of the editions of some very well-known producer casually dropped a phrase about his scarf from "Hermes". I was even a little shudder. Dear friends, so do not act like a famous producer, remember that not correct "Hermes" and even "Hermes" and "Hermes", with a very soft so «e».


With these words almost no problems, it is very difficult to make a mistake. The only "but" - stress. Italian brand, so pronounce "Bulgaria", and not as many say "Bulgaria" or "Bulgaria».

Carolina Herrera

Americans often distort not only the name of this famous designer women but name. They goes something like "Caroline Herrera." Russian speakers pronounce the name correctly, but with the wrong name, pronouncing it as Herrera. But her name is pronounced in Spanish style, so "Carolina Herrera».


Once I had a cursory study of the Italian language phonetics, to finally figure out how all the same to correctly pronounce the name of the Italian brand. Under the rules of the release of "Moschino", but some consultants in perfumeries stubbornly did whatever over the word, naming the brand is "Moshina", then "Moschino", it still somehow funny.

Proenza Schouler

While I did not hear how to pronounce the very popular American brand, was almost 100% sure that the correct "proenzyme Shuler." Frankly, that surprised a completely different pronunciation - "Prouenza Schooler».

Christian Loboutin

Whenever I am surprised when I hear all sorts of interpretations of the great shoemaker Christian Louboutin. Who speaks and writes "Labutan" who "Lubutan" and very rarely - "Louboutin". Although the latter option would be the most faithful.

Louis Vuitton

A couple of years ago I was looking through the network some shtetl newspaper and saw a competitive interview with the girl, to participate in the contest itself. On the question of their biggest dream, she said that dreams of being a model and participate in shows Louis Vyuitona. Honestly, at first I did not realize he was talking about. But when understood, laughed. Generally, there are two versions of the correct pronunciation of the name. First, the original French - Louis Viton. And second, Anglicized - Louis Vuitton. Both are considered valid.


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