Things that should never say or do in Russia

10 rules that must be followed while in Russia to make a good impression.
Read and answer the question: "do you observe these rules?»

Do not come to visit with empty hands

If you are invited for dinner, or just to visit, do not come home to the Russian empty-handed. No matter what you bring - a box of chocolates, flowers or a small toy for a child. Russian hosts, ready to welcome guests, prepare the best dishes and buy delicacies that will not buy for themselves. If, after the application of all these efforts, the guest will come even without the flower, Russian decide that it is impolite.

Remove your shoes when you go in the house

Russian apartments are carpeted. Often it is expensive Persian rugs with intricate patterns that are not so easy to clean as usual American carpet. In addition, many Russian walk the dusty streets, and not just enter the house directly from the car. For these reasons, as well as centuries-old tradition, Russian take off their shoes when entering a home. Owners usually wear slippers, and going to a party, women tend to grab with a pair of good shoes to wear them indoors. Of course, if you do not remove shoes, nobody will say anything. But sneak a look - maybe you're the one who sits at a table in the snow-covered boots?

Not kidding about the parents

Russian political incorrectness. So please, tell jokes, based on gender, vneshnostnyh and ethnic stereotypes; but refrain jokes about someone's mother or fathers. You would not understand.

"To your health!" - Not toast

People who do not speak in Russian, usually think that they know a Russian phrase for a toast - "To your health!" However, they do not know what "Cheers" Russian say when they are grateful for the delicious cooking. In Polish, "To your health", indeed, is a traditional phrase for a toast. But Russian love to invent something long and complex as "For the friendship between the peoples." If you want to say typically Russian toast, say, "For you!»

Do not take the "last shirt»

Russian saying "give the shirt off" means "to give something, no matter what it will cost you." In Russia, offer guests everything they want, is a sign of politeness. We can talk not only about how to feed guest or invite him to spend the night - a traditional Russian education can offer you any subject about which you speak - a picture on the wall, a vase or a sweater.

However, if you offer something, it does not necessarily take. Russian do not offer things because they want to get rid of them - they offer them, because they want to please you. So if you think that "rob" the home, do not take things and leave. It is best to just give up, and - on several occasions, as the owners will insist. Accept the gift, you can only if you really want this thing, but then should make a return gift to make them pleasant.

Do not dress too easy

Russian dress up more often than Americans. Even a simple walk Russian women wear high-heeled shoes and fancy dress. And if feminists argue that the dress so that you feel free, Russian women say: "We only live once, and I want to look and feel as good as possible».

Therefore, it sometimes happens that it is foreigners, regardless of gender, are all dressed modestly. Usually it happens during a party or in the theater. Hiking in the restaurant is also considered an event where you should not come in jeans and a T-shirt, no matter how much you think informal institution. So before you accept the invitation, you should know about the dress code.

Do not let a woman pay for itself

This Russian fundamentally different from Western Europeans. They do not pay together. Therefore, if you invite a woman out on a date, do not expect that it will pay for itself - either in the restaurant or in any other place. Of course, you can offer to pay for it myself, but then it is unlikely that you will be able to meet her again. In Russian general can not be any money. Russian woman is likely to take with her purse only if it is afraid of meeting with the maniac, and that will have to escape through the back door.

Do not let the women themselves carry weights

This rule can be annoying supporters of political correctness, but Russian believe that men are physically stronger than women. Therefore, you will show them rude, if you stand by and watch as the woman carrying something heavy.

Be polite with older people in public transport

When Russian come to America and travel by public transport, they are surprised that young people sit and stand next to the elderly. In America do not understand - you can sit here for an elderly person to offend. In Russia, however, if you do not give place to an elderly person or a pregnant woman, the whole bus will look at you as a criminal. Women, even young and too often gives way to public transport, although this is not necessary. But to stand up and offer a place you have elderly.

Do not burp in public

Manifestations of your body as a society are considered the height of ignorance, even if the resulting expressive sounds, and you are proud of them.

Moreover, if this happened (we are all living people), do not apologize. Sorry, you acknowledge their involvement and to attract more attention. Russian just horrified by your action will pretend not to notice, or blame the dog. But still, if you do not want to permanently preserve their memory its unseemly act, companies try to refrain from such manifestations.



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