Indians about Russia and Russian

I really like Russian. Russia and India - are old friends. Another Russian drink much rum-cola. All day can sit and drink. (Alok Gupta, Agra, salesman at the store)

Some Russian - crazy, some - such as the Indians, they have a similar nature. To live in Russia, I think, is very difficult. Usually Russian has no money, but when it is, they spend from the heart, and it's very good for business. (Francis Fernandes, Arambol, a taxi driver)

The first associations that come to mind - beautiful girls, rich culture, all of these round dolls, buildings with domes, Gorbachev. You know, when I was little, relations between Russia and India were very good, and my dad encouraged our interest in Russian literature: Dostoyevsky, Turgenev, "Anna Karenina" - all that we read. (Babita Naran Kocher, Nainital, jewelry designer)

In Calcutta, where I come from, too hot, so when I hear "Russia", it seems that there is great weather - cold! Even in Bollywood shoot a lot of Russian actresses, they are very beautiful. (Oloka Adak, Kolkata, jewelers)

Russian think too much from this experience problems with alcohol, drugs, mental disorders. They have too much energy, which is not aimed in the right direction, so it hurts the liver, pancreas. Russia - a beautiful country, I've been there many times. But there is a problem in people who think negatively. (Ashok Kumar, Karnataka, hereditary Ayurvedic doctor)

The first thing that comes to mind - beautiful Russian girl. Second - they do not speak in English. The third - but they are very beautiful. Something else? Russian did not drown, mostly Indians drowning. (Vincent Mascarenhas, Goa, a lifeguard at the beach)

Russia has a long history of relations with India - since the days of Lenin, Gorbachev, Putin. Russian men are very strong women - like butterflies. (Yoga Doctor Bolinat, London, hermit)

Only Russian and buy more fish. Take shrimps, prawns, mackerel. Almost not traded. Good people, they kept our business. (Deepa Govega, Goa, fishwife)

I am a Russian business for five years, if the Russian arrive, then profits will be. Few of them speak in English, and from those who say, few people understand our culture, as we like to behave. Most Russian do not create problems, but I feel that they have a completely different culture. (Vishnu Sharma, Kullu, restaurateur)

Russian is immediately obvious: brown hair, big and thick body, white face. Russia, I think, a good and quiet place, where the mountains. (Vitu Kumar, Manali, waiter)

Russian are very clean, very quiet people, peaceful, calm love. Even the girls are very fair skin, I'd like to have this. (Riddhi Sharma, New Delhi, economist)

Russian - very passionate people, but too many trades. When buying kebab, it also traded! In all India business depends on Russian. (Muhammad Asaf, Kerala, dealer shavermy)

Sometimes Russian create problems and even angered. Russian do not teach English, but speak their own language, they think that everyone should learn Russian. Often they lack understanding, they are some other, not friendly to all. (Vicki Kanji, Gujarat, tattoos and dreadlocks master)

Russian often ask very low prices. If something I bought for 300 rupees and sell, they can ask it for 50 rupees. Often after drinking alcohol behaved inappropriately. (Gita Kanji, Gujarat, saleswoman knitwear)

I do not know much about Russia, I know that it's cold, it's a big country. And, of course, Russian salad! (Deepika Mina Bahanedzhra, housewife)

I know that in Russia is a problem because it was canceled many flights in India and is now less than Russian. We want to come Russian. Russia - very clean and nice place, the girls are very attractive, thin, not as Indian. One drawback - no one speaks in English. (Amit Farukh, Kashmir, the master of papier-mâché)

According to the magazine, "My Planet»



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