NASA: Venusian Chronicles

Of course, this is just a concept and no one has no plans to colonize the planet, the temperature on the surface of which is about 450 degrees Celsius, which are often in the form of acid rain and the atmosphere is composed almost entirely of carbon dioxide.

If we add a constant seismic activity, the idea seems utopian at all. However, there is a conditional decision. Researchers colonists can live quite comfortably in the so-called cloud cities, which will be located at an altitude of 50 kilometers of the surface of Venus. There will be no acid, and the ambient temperature is "only" 80 degrees Celsius. This problem scientists know how to solve, therefore, within the cloud city will not be any problems with temperature control with either air or with gravity. Naturally, while the concept is simple. Incidentally, the name of the project «Havoc».


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