40 best cooking tips from Jamie Oliver

All regalia outstanding chef from England, Jamie Oliver once and will not list. He's a famous chef and famous restaurateur, and host an interesting talk show about food and cooking.

Perhaps this man is every woman's dream. He is charming, has a good sense of humor, delicious cooking. However, his heart for 22 years owned by the same woman. The couple have four children.

Jamie has done a lot to promote home cooking and proper nutrition and proved once again that healthy food can be very tasty.

The merits of the chef is really appreciated. In the Treasury of the Order of the British Empire for her contribution to food and promoting a healthy lifestyle, and in 2013, Jamie Oliver was awarded a scholarship and became a member of the Royal College of General practitioners for the fight against childhood obesity and promote healthy eating. Jamie Oliver doesn't hide its secrets. He wants more people on our planet eat right and eat healthy and tasty food. Presenting your attention the 40 culinary secrets from the chef! The beef patties during the cooking process delicious and juicy burgers, be careful. To stuffing did not stick to the hands, constantly rinse them in cold water. So you not only save time but also cook very tasty cakes. The missing ingredient Jamie Oliver believes that there are no barriers for those who really loves and wants to cook. If you do not have the missing ingredient, then try to replace it with a reasonable alternative, or cook at all without it. The dish will still turn out delicious. The flavor of the anchovies Add anchovies into a paste. Do not be afraid of their rich taste. Together with the other ingredients it will not be as sharp and will not be felt, and the nutritional value of food will increase several times. Lime juice For cooking of any dishes you need lime juice? The chef knows how to squeeze the maximum out of the fruit. Negrete lime. And then push. How to clean a pomegranate Pomegranate is quite demanding ingredient. Not all know how correctly to clean it. Jamie Oliver advises to first cut the pomegranate in half, and then actively to beat out the grain.

Properly cook pasta Occasionally during the cooking process the pasta is dry and sticky. This can be avoided. When drained the water from the pan with the pasta, place a small amount. Fish and bacon you Want to give a pleasant aroma to the fish? Use the secret boss. Put the fish on top of a slice of fatty smoked bacon. This dish will surely please you. How to remove moisture from potatoes Jamie Oliver knows the answer to this question. Drain the water from the pan and cover it with newspaper or a towel. They will absorb the excess fluid. Chicken and bacon I Almost forgot. Bacon is able to decorate not only the fish. He'll make a good chicken. The bacon gives it a delicious flavor. Another way to squeeze more juice from a lime by the Way, if you are not able to heat up the lime, and the juice you need, then use a different method. Roll the lemon on the table by applying force. So, juice will get more. Fragrant herb Salad will be even tastier if you add spices and herbs. To make them even more appetizing and juicy, crush them in a mortar and sprinkle a small amount of olive oil. Apricot seed is Another great Supplement for lettuce is the seeds of the apricot. Just put them in a salad and it will become very unusual and exquisite taste. It's the taste of Amaretto. Lemon peel lemon Peel is an important ingredient of many dishes. Cut it as thin as possible. Use a sharp small knife. Try not to capture subcortical white layer. How to cut the lemon peel As simply and quickly cut off the zest with a bright and juicy lemon? It is first necessary to steam, and then a very sharp knife (this is important!) cut him with the zest in the form of a helical ribbon. How to properly grate the zest so you get the lemon zest. What's next? Of course, you need to prepare her. Use a grater with a fine screen. Delicious chocolate sauce Like to pamper their Pets with delicious desserts? Of course, there can not do without chocolate. To cook even more delicious and mouth-watering chocolate mousse, add the orange.

The bones from the olives in Front of you on table olives with pits, and you're a little deluded? Jamie Oliver knows how to quickly and easily remove them. Crush the olives on the table with the bottom of the bowl and remove bones. Pineapple and fat product If you cook enough fatty meat or some other fatty dish, then add the list of ingredients is pineapple. It will help to get rid of excess fat and make the dish lighter and tastier.

Properly cook zucchini Zucchini is very nutritious and useful product. And Jamie Oliver is very fond of him. The chef advises to knead the fruit in the roasting process. So they get more tender, juicier and tastier. Eggplant steamed Eggplant is the relatives of the zucchini. And some favorites from the restaurateur. Jamie Oliver suggests cooking the eggplant for a couple just a couple of minutes. Paper and chicken it would Seem, what could it be inedible? They do not need to combine in one dish. Just paper effectively removes excess fat from the chicken, is only slightly wet poultry. Potato salad Salads can be not only light, but also satisfying. And then you can not do without potatoes. By the way, Jamie Oliver advises cutting potatoes for a salad that is hot. Young Love beets young beets? This is really a very useful product, which even is actively used for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Boil in slightly salted water. Do not overdo the coals of Love to cook a variety of dishes on the grill? Jamie Oliver advises not to put a lot of coals. According to the chief, it is better to put the coals on one side and gradually shift the products. Otherwise they run the risk of char, but the dinner will be spoiled. Crisp Meat with a crispy crust is one of the most delicious and refined dishes. How to achieve this crust? When frying meat, pour one tablespoon of flour to the pan.

How to cook fish do Not lubricate the pan with oil when cooking the fish. So, the risk that it will burn and get hard increases several times. It is better to RUB the oil the fish itself. It will also help you to use exactly the amount of oil that is really needed.

Interesting dressings Jamie Oliver advises experimenting in the kitchen. Especially plenty of room for culinary imagination, if we are talking about all kinds of gas stations. Mix crab meat with grapefruit juice, for example, can be spread on toast or add to pasta.

Add zest to sauces lemon Peel is perfect for creamy sauces. The fact that she is very interested in interacts with the milk, splitting it. The sauce will be something like cottage cheese and, no doubt, very tasty.

The greens and potatoes Potatoes and greens — it's a win-win combination. The chef advises to add greens just before serving the dish to the table.

How to break the pasta, Use pasta the homemade pasta? Then you know how it is sometimes difficult accurately to break. But Jamie Oliver knows a way out. Wrap the pasta in a towel and break with ease.

Garlic ground Garlic ground with just a knife? The famous British chef knows this. Finely chop the garlic and crush it with a knife. Add a pinch of salt. It is also a good absorbent.

Delicious, filling Every chef knows that any dish can acquire a completely different taste and tune in a new way if add to it an interesting gas station. Jamie Oliver advises to mix the sorrel, fennel and lemon juice. Prepare and try!

Right whisk For cooking dinner you need a lot of eggs, sugar and juice? Jamie Oliver advises whisk it over a pot of boiling water.

Add mint for frying Mint — this is a very interesting ingredient. It can be added not only in desserts, but also meat dishes. Mint is particularly well revealed when frying. However, it shall be added at the beginning of the cooking process.

Hot pepper chili Pungency of chili peppers is not always acceptable to European taste buds. Remove any excess zest just. Rinse pepper plenty of water and remove the beans.

Frying onions When frying the onions often an unpleasant smell. To deal with this problem. Add the onions, salt and fry it on slow fire.

Grilled fish fish sticks to the grill? RUB it with salt before you put on the grill. Salt will absorb excess moisture and the fish will not burn.

Vermouth risotto Risotto is a popular dish of Italian cuisine. How to make it taste better? Cook according to the recipe of the legendary chef. Jamie Oliver adds risotto vermouth.

How to warm up honey For this recipe you need warmed honey? Then raise its temperature correctly. To whet your honey, place it in a bowl of hot water for a while.

Ice cubes in syrup is Sometimes so tiring to wait for the syrup to cool. Especially if all the other ingredients ready. Jamie Oliver believes that there is nothing to add to the syrup and ice cubes.published


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