10 of the most rare and expensive breeds of cats (10 photos)

Some of them are species hybrids, while others came to us from time immemorial. These rare breed carefully protected, because they are quite vulnerable and may disappear altogether. We offer you to get acquainted with curly, hairless and tailless cats.

1. American Wirehair

This cat is home to New York City, where she was subjected to a series of mutations, resulting in unusual got curly hair. This is a very rare breed of cats, which practically does not occur outside the States. Today in America officially registered only 22 of these cats.

2. Burmilla

Introduced in 1981, born kitten from crossing two other species - Burmese and Chinchilla - was called Burmilla. It was born as a new breed of highly social cat native to the UK. They have a beautiful silky fur, which can be of several colors: bluish, black, chocolate brown or purple.

3. Brilliant California

This breed cats (Eng. California Spangled) - not only one of the rarest in the world, but also one of the newest. It withdrew in 1980 in order to achieve color leopard. However, this cat is no single gene leopard. This breed was bred by repeatedly crossing several other breeds. Today Brilliant California struggles to survive, as the breed fell out of fashion, and it eclipsed Bengal.

4. Elf

One of the rarest breeds of cats, of course, is a cat-elf, although the official feline organization has not yet want to admit it a separate breed. Elves appeared by crossing sphinxes with American kёrlami. Not only that, the elves are the same bald as sphinxes, so they also have unique curled ears.

5. Turkish Van


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