15 unexpected things that are scary similar to each other

Absolutely random items sometimes have more in common with humans or animals than we can imagine.

Want to see for yourself? We are in the Website has made, perhaps, one of the most unusual and one hell of an awesome collections — and a look you, what a funny coincidence in store for us this world.

Cat and fried chicken

Hair Justin Timberlake and noodles

Baby and puppy

Owl and Apple

Puppy and Teddy bear

Outfit women phone case for

Skyscraper "Burj Khalifa" and the run in your tights

The dog, which merges with a towel

Portrait of van Gogh and Chuck Norris

Candle holder and Patrick from "spongebob"

Roman bust and Elvis Presley

Potato and seal

Fire hydrant and this boy

A slice of bacon and Dolphin

Chocolate croissants and little sloth

Photos on the preview RCA Records

According to the materials of Bored Panda

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