The film became one of the most popular in the Soviet Union! The story of how the shooting "Diamond Hand".

Soviet cinema has left us all a tremendous legacy. While filming different movies, among which were the tales and detective stories and science fiction, but perhaps most of all the spectators liked the Soviet comedy. This film disassembled into a quote, and it seems to know everything, but we suggest you look at a number of offscreen scenes from the film, which we diluted with interesting stories. In general, a small tour of the kitchen crew Leonid Gaidai.

the city in which he lived Semen Semenovich Pavlik (Timoshkin then, and only then Gorbunkov), was in fact the city of Sochi. And Istanbul filmed in Baku.

The film starred the whole couple Nikulin. The wife of Yuri performed the role of a guide, and his son - a boy who "walked on water". By the way, during the shooting of this episode, there were two cases of fun. Nikulin's son, Maxim, could not naturally fall when the character Mironov gave him a kick. He always fell before. So, persuaded Maxim Gaidai that Uncle Andrew just pass over, and most Mironov said: « attached properly! I>» The boy did not expect this from adults and very naturally fell into the water after a real kick. They say he then another long resented his uncle Andrew.

Regarding the second case, the cries for help Mironov from the shore came the real rescue boat. That's what real acting!

In the scene where the son Gorbunkova shoots Gena face cream actually used the cottage, which is better glued to her face. And instead of eating the boy flung assistant director. Educated Soviet child was unable to persuade the natural cheese to throw in the face of the honored artist.

In Nikulin, unlike Mironov did not succeed naturally fall from the pharmacy. Therefore, for it he fell Leonid Kanev. And in the film Kanev had to say hello to his future wife. Remember the intricate language, spoken by the smugglers? In fact, it came up with the actors themselves. In one of the replicas sound phrase: "Berezina Kumanev." Berezina - surname beloved Kanev.

Svetlana Svetlichnaya his voice only said the phrase: "I'm not guilty ..." the voice of actress Zoe Tolbuzina and song singing Aida Vedischeva.

Episode where Gorbunkov hits his head on a crane hook, the script was not. Nikulin hit and actually quite serious, but this fragment and into the film.

Hefty fellow, who asked for "dumb" Gorbunkova smoke - is a journalist Pleshakov. He really wanted to take from Nikulin interview, and here also starred in the movies ...

Drunk, which Georgia militiamen when Gorbunkov says: "In its place was supposed to be me" - is none other than himself Gaidai, who at that time singing "Song about bears" from the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus».

And during filming there were rumors about the death of Nikulin. The fact that the cleaning lady found the dummy, lying covered in the basement. This dummy is designed specifically for the scene where Gorbunkov falls from the trunk of a car that picked up a helicopter.

Finally a few offscreen image ...

I will beat gently but firmly ...

Once again I would like to thank Leonid Gaidai and all the actors of this masterpiece. They have created a movie that we reviewed more than once, and certainly never tire of. Do you share this material with your friends, let them also learn something new about the great comedy.


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