How is life with the oligarchs in the country houses

Nice to live not forbid, but this is how by my standards - too much ... I suggest you look further a couple of suburban residences known oligarchs.

Palace Vasilyev brothers

Vasilyev brothers were born in the village Vyritsa Leningrad region. At first they were engaged in video clubs, then distilled car from Europe for sale in Russia, kept the car market. Sergei Vasiliev monitored and controlled Petersburg oil terminal - the largest in the Sea Port of St. Petersburg bunkering companies, with 15% share of the volume of transshipment of oil products in the Baltic Sea.

Vyritsa his home, where the brothers are still alive, despite the presence of the real estate in St. Petersburg, Vasilyev generously assisted - for example, restored wooden church of Our Lady of Kazan, which is popular with tourists. It was in this village on the banks of the River Oredezh brothers decided to build his estate. It is interesting in this manor is that it is a miniature copy of the Catherine Palace - famous royal residence in Pushkin. The patterns on the iron fence, the golden domes of the chapel, sky-blue and white statue - about Catherine is reminiscent of a lot.
On the interior there are only conflicting evidence: ceiling height of 14 meters, marble staircases, doors of turtle shells, mosaic marble floors with a total area of ​​over 600 square meters. m, black marble Knights Atlanta. According to the author of the project, the architect Igor Gremitskogo for finishing the palace have been used only natural materials, including 19 varieties of marble from Italy.

Cottage Yakunin

This Saturday on the entertainment portal appeared post, whose author claimed to have participated in the construction of a residence for the head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin - worked there for so-called smart home.

He alleged that on several tens of hectares of forest under Domodedovo were dug its own lake, built a garage for 15 cars, a separate box for the limousine business class, built half a kilometer underground tunnels to the garage had its own cinema, sauna complex (1400 sq. M) with sauna, Russian, Turkish baths, salt room, swimming pool, private massage room and stuff.
Then the air RSN made a builder Alex who allegedly worked there. "There are 300 people working the Vietnamese, there are electric rods and killed all the fish. Finishing outside - Italian marble. Bath - three buildings, 14 to 14 meters, with Italian furniture, a bar made of marble, the fireplace, stained glass windows. It is a glass walls as such is not present, locker rooms, showers, everything is very expensive. Swimming pool 50 meters in the house. There store coats, refrigerator. Small house - a son, a guest, and most importantly - it is his. There is a chapel, the chapel. Like Metrostroy for 150 million out there digging ponds. Tiles decorated with gold there, and the room is very large - hammam, sauna, steam room, a panorama to the forest to look, "- said Alexey about what he saw at Domodedovo.

Residence Shuvalov

Igor Shuvalov, who served as deputy prime minister since 2008, according to the submitted declaration for the year 2012 is the wealthiest member of the government. Its revenue amounted to about 226 million rubles (about $ 7 million). Income wife a little less.

In its declaration the official pointed out that, along with his wife and three minor children rented a house of 4174 square meters. meter. Vice Premier Residence is located near the Innograd Skolkovo (Moscow) in the former summer residence time of Brezhnev's Politburo member Mikhail Suslov (gosdachi District 4), is under the protection of a zealous and surrounded by a high fence. Natalia Pelevin in his blog on Ekho Moskvy radio station's website says the "palace" of 1,500 square meters. meters, built in the shape of the letter P. In an area of ​​7, 5 hectares, according Pelevine, there are also covered tennis courts, a swimming pool, lush gardens "with shorn in Versailles style bush", a greenhouse for exotic plants, individual houses for workers and protection and so on.

Residence Kadyrov

On the bank of the Sunzha River in Grozny is one very impressive house. The official residence of the head of the Chechen Republic area of ​​260 thousand square. meters cost the budget, according to Novaya Gazeta, about 10 billion rubles ($ 310, 8 million).

Novaya Gazeta notes that the only arrangement of the residence has been allocated 48 million rubles - 360 thousand square meters. m lawn, 77 thousand square meters. m of flower beds, 16 thousand roses, 14 thousand square meters. m figuratively clipped shrubs, hedges and other. On the municipal service residences allocated about 36 million rubles.
Nikolai Uskov, head of the project Snob, after a meeting of the club of editors central media in Grozny, eloquently described what he saw: "In the vast area in the midst of a perfect lawn, resembling an emerald waves of the golf course, stood a monumental palace in the Ottoman style, next to him - a copy of the sacred Kaaba, framed by minarets. [...] Among the picturesque hills stretching to the left and Chechen clan towers hides a small farm. If it lives bear in a cage, walking on the grass chickens, turkeys, roosters shout, rushing creek, flowing into an artificial pond ».

Palace Medvedev

In February 2011, Novaya Gazeta published an article where it was assumed that the territory of the nature reserve Great Utrish (Krasnodar region), personal villa built for the ex-president and current Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. House in the Big Utrish had to be equipped with a marina and a helipad. Especially it was planned two broad road leading to it (according to the publication, are the security requirements of the Federal Security Service). His architecture project "cottages Medvedev" is similar to the so-called Putin's Palace in Gelendzhik.

The land on which the palace is located, shall be from July 2008, the Department of Forestry of Krasnodar region foundation of regional non-profit projects for the construction of Dar where sports and recreation complex. Over an area of ​​120 hectares in the fund for 49 years, every year, will transfer 15 million rubles.
According to Novaya Gazeta, management company Dar was located at the same address as the Foundation for Social and Cultural Initiatives (FSKI) President's wife Svetlana Medvedeva, the company had the same phone number, and the CEO of both organizations has been at various times a and the same person (Olga Travin). President Administration stated that no relationship to the building does not have.

Tkachev Dacha

The blue bay near the village Bzhid Dzhubgskogo urban settlement of Tuapse district of the Krasnodar Territory is the object, which some consider the seat of the governor of the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Tkachev.

According Rosreestru part of these lands really belong to the governor. However, according to the environmentalists, the area enclosed by a fence (about 7 hectares), much larger than the area of ​​land owned by Tkachev (1 hectare).
That's the fence around the facility began to flare up scandal. In February - March 2011, activists of Environmental Watch on the North Caucasus carried out action against the seizure of forest land, and the coastal strip, have been detained by law enforcement officers and sentenced to various terms of administrative arrest (from 7 to 15 days). At the request of environmentalists, directed to the Forestry Department of the Krasnodar Territory, the answer came: a fence around this area do not have.

Cottage Patriarch

In February 2011, on the Black Sea north of the village Divnomorskoe (Krasnodar region), the same activists found illegal, they said, and construction. At least 10 hectares of forest, where pine grows Pitsundskaya, protected by law, fenced three-meter fence. On the territory, according to environmentalists, it is located "a strange, pathetic structure - not the house, not the temple - it crowns the quadrangular building cupola with a cross. Quite some incredible hybrid of the palace and the temple ».

The Russian Orthodox Church confirmed that the object belongs to the Moscow Patriarchate, however, noted that under the Gelendzhik not built villa of the patriarch and spiritual center. On the territory of the spiritual center had to accommodate a meeting room of the Holy Synod, the room for a stay of the members of the Synod, administrative and management services of the Moscow Patriarchate, office, meeting rooms, press center of the room and so on. The summer of 2012 a fence around the mysterious object has grown considerably in height, has become much longer and was equipped with night surveillance cameras and alarm system. Later, Patriarch Kirill consecrated the church on the territory of a spiritual center and spent the session of the Holy Synod.

Palace Putin

On the Black Sea coast near the village of Praskoveevka Gelendzhik district is "holiday complex", which is rumored to Putin.

Businessman Sergei Kolesnikov says that although the project was envisaged as a private residence Nicholas Shamalova, construction of the palace led Spetsstroy Russia and oversaw it, protect and gave all the instructions the Federal Security Service. According to Kolesnikov, complex occupies an area of ​​"tens of thousands of square meters" and was equipped with a "casino, winter theater, summer amphitheater, a chapel, swimming pools, sports complexes, helipads, landscaped parks, teahouses, facilities for staff and other technical buildings ».
In the spring of 2011, the company Shamalova Indokopas with the residence was sold to a Cyprus company, beneficiary of which is businessman Alexander Ponomarenko. Bloggers also suggest that the palace is the private residence of Vladimir Putin. In particular, they claimed, August 6-7, 2011 in the area of ​​residence were spotted three large boat (one of them was like a yacht Olympia, which, according to bloggers, enjoys Putin) and two patrol boats. A few days before the police cleared the nearest coast from tents and checked the passports of citizens vacationing in them.
In the future, managing director of President Vladimir Kozhin denied reports about the construction of a residence for Vladimir Putin.



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