- townhouses and projects of country houses in the village, "Nikolin key"

For a long time dream to live outside the city, but did not dare to buy land and build a house? Want to buy a section of such a structure, as a town house, which is a house of several separate residential entrances? Welcome to the gated development with. Kashino. It offers comfortable plots of land, among which you can choose the one that will like it more than others in their geometry, location, size. Entrusting the construction of homes to professionals of the construction company, you can forget about the problems and enjoy life.

< What kind of housing to choose?

Still have not decided on any residential facility to pay attention? If you want privacy, you will need a house (website shows the projects of country houses), which stands apart from the other houses. You do not sickened by society? Then it is better to consider options for the acquisition section in a townhouse. This is a very convenient and comfortable: there is a separate entrance to each room. Typically, this multi-storey apartment, consisting of several layers. The developer of the cottage settlement provided that there is a territory about each section, where you can land a magnificent flower bed, roast barbecue, children build a good sandbox. Even here there is a garage for one car, a second can already be put on the local area. Everything is simple and comfortable, that is made for people. You need to look the company's website, selecting the appropriate object.

< Benefits of a cottage village

Today live in the country is very prestigious, because today people understand that the benefits of fresh air, clean drinking water is invaluable. Normally hesitant to move out of the city those families that have young children. So it is very important to cultivate the younger generation healthy. Unfortunately, to make it virtually impossible in the city. Toddlers will walk on the dirty streets, breathing in pure oxygen instead of exhaust fumes. Now, if it is possible, it is best to refer to the company-developer, getting in the village section of the town house or cottage. In the latter embodiment, it would be desirable to stop in more detail here offers home or in one embodiment, and in a few. Looking in the colorful catalog, will be able to choose the most comfortable home for his family.

Buy a house easier: just contact the seller, talk about what an object like, come to see the home, make an advance payment or full payment to become a full owner


Cottage village «Nikolin key»

Sysertsky District, with. Kashino

Sales office:
620026, Ekaterinburg, ul. Mamin-Sibiryak, 101, 2nd Floor, Suite 2.121, business center "Manhattan».

Additionally, you can get advice by calling +7 (343) 311-40-00.


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