Interesting Christmas Facts

There are many legends about the Christmas tree, or associated with the spirit of the place where the spirit lives,
and - with the legends of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The hero of the most popular legends became the leader of the German Reformation, Martin Luther. Once
Christmas Eve he was walking home through the woods. The night was clear and starry. When he came home, he put
Christmas tree for your family and a lot of candles stuck to her thick branches. The lights on it looked like
stars in the sky.

There is a legend about why we decorate the Christmas tree tinsel shiny silver.
Once upon a time there lived a good poor woman who had many children. In the evening before Christmas
She had dressed Christmas tree, but she had very little jewelry. At night on the tree visited by spiders and crawling with
branch to branch, branches left on her web. As a reward for kindness female infant Christ blessed
tree and turned into a web of glittering silver.

There is a theory that first invented Santa Claus Huns: they had a god Yerli, who in the very first
day of the year came to earth. This day was supposed to put a Christmas tree in their homes, as the Huns spruce considered
a sacred tree. It turns out, therefore, that this tradition already 5000 years. Huns, and brought it to Europe.
Then they were crushed and were only in Bavaria, where he lived until the XVI century, no one mingling. It
Bavarian Christmas tree "has come" to all European countries.

The first decorated Christmas tree appeared in the territory of modern France in Alsace; According to historians, it was
in 1605. Chronicle testifies: "At Christmas, here installed in the homes of trees and their branches hang rose
out of colored paper, apples, biscuits, sugar and bits of tinsel. " A large area of ​​the German Protestant community
Württemberg took over this novelty. Slowly this tradition spread throughout Germany, and then - and throughout Europe.
However, the first Christmas tree appeared only in the homes of wealthy nobles and merchants. Decorated with a variety of toys in
medieval Germany is not only trees but also pines, branches of cherry trees and beech trees. The first glass Christmas ball was
blown in Thuringia (Saxony) in the 16th century. Industrial production of Christmas decorations started only in the middle of last
century - here in Saxony. Skilled craftsmen toys blown glass, cut out of cardboard bells, hearts,
figurines of birds and animals, balls, cones, nuts, which are then painted with bright colors.

Everywhere installed in the homes of Christmas trees began relatively recently - in the 19th century. It was then that evergreen,
curvy ladies became regularly established in the royal palaces and the king of France, Germany, England, Norway,
Denmark and Russia. Property of the tree was the common people only in the second half of the 19th century.

In Russia, the New Year has been celebrated by the decree of Peter the Great to January 1, 1700. Before that marked the beginning of a new year 1
September. The decree of Peter I said: "As noble and carriageways streets and houses of the gates to inflict some jewelry from Ancient
and branches of pine, spruce and juniper, to repair the firing of small guns and rifles, lobbing rockets and starting fires.
A lean people each at least on the tree or branch to put on collars. " This holiday Christmas tree (although Peter the Great
tree not adorned and decorated legs, twigs), decoration and carnivals are very fond of the Russian people.


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