Photo Contest Winners 2011 National Geographic

More than 20,000 photographers from 130 countries took part in the photo contest National Geographic, was attended by both professionals and amateurs. Winners were selected from among the winners in three categories: nature, people and places. Sikha Goh Indonesia became the absolute winner, and its amazing photo dragonfly in the rain will be published in the journal. Photos judged on creativity and quality of a special council of experts consisting of a biologist and naturalist Tim Laman, National Geographic photographer Amy Tonsing and nature photographer Peter Essick National Geographic. We bring you the work of the winners and some pictures worthy of respect and re-viewing. Comments for this picture presented by the authors of images.

Photo-winner (and winner of the category "Nature"). "I took this picture when photographing insects other than I usually do. I did not even notice this dragonfly, as my attention was attracted by other objects. When I decided to take a picture of it, all of a sudden it started to rain, but the light was enough. I decided to take a picture, regardless of the rain. The result was surprisingly enjoyable. I hope he will like the viewer. Batam, Riau Islands, Indonesia. " (Photo and caption by Shikhei Goh)

"I was on a photo safari in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. It was noon, and we ran into a group of zebras, approaching the water to quench their thirst. Every few minutes zebra went into the water to drink, and then begins to panic, and they flew out like lightning. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. " (Photo and caption by Marius Coetzee)

"Medusa floats at the surface of the water, as if trying to grab the first rays of the sun to its algae began to draw from them the energy. The coastal lagoon Maar Menor, Murcia, Spain. " (Photo and caption by Angel Fitor)

"Personally, I believe that in addition to the formal representation of reality, an intermediary which is a technical tool needed for capturing images in time, picture consists of an inner understanding of the nature of reality. Picture - the last part of photographing and easiest honor of the whole process. This effect pan with all its vagueness, color harmony background, unnecessary information and the lack of symmetry between the tail and horns impala cheetah - all this draws the observer into the thick of the hunt, without diverting his attention to anything else. Kenya, Masai Mara Reserve. " (Photo and caption by Stefano Pesarelli)


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