Environmental trends in the construction of houses

Concern about the ecology of entrainment of units has turned into a worldwide trend. And even the construction market is changing in favor of new trends. Today people want to live not just in new homes but in the homes environmentally friendly. The easiest way to achieve this from the country cottages.

A few years ago, any housing outside of the metropolis, by definition, was considered to be environmentally friendly. However, the situation has changed. Now not every country has the right structure to be called environmentally friendly housing.

Now, in order to get the prefix "eco", the construction of private houses and cottages must conform to certain rules. New developments and technologies help to improve housing, making it more comfortable and environmentally friendly.

The greatest changes in the power supply system. Increasingly popular "passive" or "green" homes, which are called houses of the future. This self-contained cottages, featuring zero power consumption.

This term does not mean that in this country house the electric power is not supplied at all. On the contrary, country cottages have two sources of electricity supply: mains traditional and renewable energy sources. As a rule, solar panels or windmills.

Zero consumption means that these holiday homes need for electricity from conventional networks is virtually nonexistent. Autonomous sources of renewable energy with energy-saving technologies allow to do without the receipt of electricity from the outside.

For example, the project green home "zeroEnergy" involves variations on the areas of 48 to 100 sq. m. useful area, which will be enough for accommodation of 5 persons. The series of these cottages is focused primarily on the construction outside the city. Houses are assembled from separate structures in a modular fashion.

A plan of the project involves a wide range of materials to be used during construction. All of them are ecological and safe. A great option is laminated veneer lumber.

Advanced engineering solutions that make "green" affordable housing. For example, sliding furniture and appliances can save valuable space in the room, so even in a small area of the house a family of 4-5 people closely will not.

Also, there are budget options for heating and water heating by using the heat of the earth. Geothermal system without harm to the environment and will provide domestic hot water and heating from spring to autumn. In the cold period of the earth's heat system switches to the energy of the wind and sun.

Green cottages at the minimum level of energy consumption in 124,6 kW/h per 1 sq. m. in terms of annual demand, cause minimal harm to the environment and to human health. The main merit in it belongs to the material from which it is built.

The most environmentally friendly material in this plan is wood. However, this choice does not mean that all houses must be made in the form of the classic log cabins. Designers offer modern solutions with the inclusion of a large number of glass planes.

In addition to the aesthetic component, a large glass area will make the interior of the house brighter, which in turn will reduce the cost of its lighting. Moreover, the maximum use of natural light obtained in the case that at the stage of designing the optimum positioning of the main living room the sides of the world.

Thermal materials on the floor will become a natural additional heaters that absorb heat by day to night to give it.


Source: zeleneet.com


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