Stories about the shooting, "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears"

February 11, 1980 on television screens released film by Vladimir Menshov "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" - a lyrical story about the fate of three friends-provincials who came to conquer the capital. A year later, the American Film Academy awarded its highest award painting - "Oscar", considering it the best foreign band of the year. Today, the Oscar-winning film's plot is known to every Russian. The film, like watching Ryazanov, "Irony of Fate ..." - an indispensable attribute of the New Year holidays.
But few know that the first and the script was different, and the actors are not eager to withdraw from Menchov. Today, "RG" explains how still managed to create a people's film.

1. uninteresting script
"In the script I immediately responded," -vspominal later Vladimir Menshov. Because Ian Freed, a prominent writer and director ("Twelfth Night," "dog in the manger", "Don Cesar de Bazan", etc.), Who in the late 70s of the last century was in great authority, considered the story written Valentin Chernykh, uninteresting.
"The only thing that attracted me - it's a great move, when Katherine gets Service and tears fell asleep, and wakes up in a few years and wakes adult daughter. I even thought at first that just missed a few pages. And when I realized that it is a decision - jump in 20 years, it has earned once thought. " However, the director still offered Valentin Chernykh radically alter the material. He refused, and completion had to take to Menchov. As a result, instead of the 60 pages turned 90, there were new storylines, new characters. For example, the history of drunken hockey Gurin or in the club dating scene - originally the Black they were not. There was a scene with Smoktunovsky that "too late to start" acting career.
In the original scenario, the heroine Catherine Tikhomirov - a deputy director of the plant and the Moscow City Council - was to conduct reception of voters. "Boring!" - Decided to Menchov and sent her to dating, where the headmistress, who brilliantly played Akhedzhakova Leah, began wooing her "employee cupola - a very responsible, only fifty-three years».
Instead, the festival of French films and Ekaterina Lyudmila had to watch as to the Argentinian Embassy approaching ... invited to a diplomatic reception. It was only at the insistence of Menchov ambassadors replaced Smotknutnovskim movie stars, and Konyukhova Yumatova and "Ford" and "Buicks" - domestic "ZISami" and "Victory».
2. In the USSR, no sex
In Rudik, the scenario was not only an activist mother, but the father - Rachkov Sr., turner by profession. The television center on Shabolovka where Rodion invites Catherine, originally had to shoot KVN. But then collect huge hall did not, deciding to replace KVN shooting "blue fire", which was considered a card Soviet television.
Some scenes Menchov specially made a household. Hero Batalov Gosh, instead of sitting in front of TV, watching a hockey game while sipping a beer, took to repair the vacuum cleaner. Many phrases already cut during installation. For example, in the scene where Nicholas is Gosha home in a strong drunk, and they tied the conversation, they removed the name of the airline. "What is happening in the world?" - Asks Gosha, pouring. "There is no stability, - tells him Nicholas. - Terrorists have once again seized the airplane company "Air France". So, "Air France", in order to avoid international problems, we decided to cut. And if, according to the scenario of Black, Gosha and Nick sing "By Don Cossack walking young", in the movie they only undress Taranco.
By the way, because in those days, as you know, in the Soviet Union there was no sex, greatly curtailed and the meeting of the heroine with the hero Tabakova in his apartment, thinking it is too blatant. Upstairs we felt that the actors "replayed" and "too hastily undressed." The work on the painting Vladimir Menshov had to overcome the resistance and its own crew, disparagingly refer to this "cheap melodrama." Some actresses auditioned for the role of heroines, just left.

3. Who we Gosh?
On the role of Gosha, according to Vladimir Menshov, tried a lot of actors, including Vitaly Solomin Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Oleg Yefremov, Leonid Diachkov. However, the director of one of them adopted. Desperate, he decided to play the main character. But there was a picture on TV, "My dear man," with Alexei Batalov, and less immediately realized who he should call for role Gosha. But here Batalov stubborn. His script and was not impressed, and the role of intellectual-fitter himself not really seen. But in the end, I agreed. Alexander Fatyushin first auditioned for the role of Nikolai, but Menchov gave it to Boris Smorchkova, the actor, who is best obtained by simple Russian guys. Then Fatyushin was offered the role of hockey Gurin. Fatyushin later admitted that he was very fond of his character, however, he regretted that more was not included in the final version of the painting. How, for example, the scene at the Sports Palace "Luzhniki": the Soviet national team played a match against the Swedes, and Gurin was the hero of the meeting. But what a pity it was last cut scene.
Toward the end of the film we all gathered at the cottage. Three character sitting on the bench, sing. And there was supposed to be Gurin: tie to one side, the shirt inside out with him some hanyga. Gurin begins to bicker with his ex-wife Lyudmila due threefold and hanyga yells at her: "Do you like to talk to him? It Gurin, I grew up on his games as a person ". But the leaders of the then State cinema over the scene said: "No, tied - then tied. Team player, even if the former can not go down well ".
4. Couple for Batalov
With the candidates for the lead female role of the business situation it was also difficult. Manual "Mosfilm" recommended Menchov Anastasia Vertinskaya, Jeanne Bolotov, Irina Kupchenko, Valentin Telichkina. "Uninteresting" - unanimously stated they read the script.
Tried and Margarita Terekhova. But when Jungvald-Khil'kevich offered her the role of Milady in "The Three Musketeers", she chose her unconditionally. Actress Natalia Saiko sample passed, but when the role of Gosha took Batalov, it turned out that they do not look good together. They began to look for the actress' under Batalov. " It was then and there was a belief Alentova.
But the role skromnyagi Toshi auditioned Galina Polish, Lyudmila Zaitseva, Natalia Andreichenko and Nina Ruslanova but convincing all looked Raisa Ryazanov that the artistic council and approved. Polish offended by Menchov, not understanding how he could do it is to offer and Ruslanova - because they did not take. Irina Muravyov, who played Lyudmila, and then confessed that for the first time saw the picture on the pasteboard, wept with resentment. "My character did not like me - once said the actress. - Rough, mannered, sometimes vulgar. Everything I hated in life and people got out on the screen. " Nevertheless, the role of Ludmila became one of the most memorable works of the actress. By the way, Muravevu director found by chance when he saw one of the dramas.

5. Girls ageless
During the filming of the Faith Alentova was 37 years old, Ryazanova Raisa - 35, Irina Muravyova - 30. Before actresses was a very difficult task - to play his heroines naive 19-year-old provincial, and then their own after two decades. And with that actress coped well. Make-up artists and costume designers, too, did their best. Alexei Batalov was 11 years older than his character. But the screen is not felt.
6. In 40 years, life has just begun
Menchov unique picture that there is no bit parts. Zoya Fedorova (vahtersha from the hostel) and Vladimir Basov (deputy head of the central board of Anton) are just as important as the main characters. "For me it was very important that it Basov uttered the phrase that" in 40 years, life has just begun ", - he explained the director afterwards. - And from then on I had to think of something to him play. It's clear that he is dancing with the youth will not. How to distinguish it from other guests? And the fact that he had some stomach problems and he, old bastard, all attempts to someone, "seal", and he does not get out of the closet. And once it becomes clear that this kind of person. Vahtershi role in the script never been spelled out. And then we came up with "enter" it into the inner circle of characters - she on the phone "Hallow" says Catherine from the hospital and meets. For Zoe Fedorova this work was the last & quot ;.

7. Alexander did not become a diplomat
Only thanks to Alexei Batalov role of the daughter of the main character played by Alexandra Natalia Vavilova, who starred in the debut film Menshov "Drawing" still a schoolgirl. Natasha's parents were strongly against her acting future, she predicts a serious career - staged on courses at the Foreign Ministry, was prepared by the institute.
Filming began without Alexander, and then Menchov came up with a great idea. To persuade parents he sent Batalov. Seeing the famous actor, they could not refuse him. Besides Batalov he has promised that she will be able to easily combine study and work on the film. After shooting Vavilov threw courses enrolled in the University and became an actress.
8. Brezhnev delighted!
The finished picture was taken hudsovet "Mosfilm". Members of the Board expressed quite evasive about the film. "And the director of" Mosfilm "Sizov, very harsh and unsentimental man pissed cautious praise, suddenly said:" I think we have this painting as much prize and people's love poimeem! ", - Said Vladimir Menshov. - But in private conversation with me, I asked to cut from the film the most candid moments. "Grishin at the cottage look and then say:" Once you love doing! "But I rested and did not cut more than what has already been cut. The film went on to testify to the country's top leadership. When I asked Sizov as there Grishin, director of "Mosfilm" waved his hand: "Come Grishin! Brezhnev love it! "At this the fate of the film has been resolved & quot ;.

9. How else will resolve itself
During the first year of the film looked 85 million. People. "Moscow ..." bought a hundred countries. As the world were triumphant premiere, which invariably absent one person - the director less. "Why am I not allowed to leave the country? - He reasoned afterwards. - Nobody said why. The Chiefs just lowered his eyes: "Well, wait, everything will somehow resolve." Only years later I learned that I was lying two denunciation. From colleagues. My "misconduct" was that after the dismissal of Podgorny I expressed wonder why, they say, the resignation of a second person in the country took place without any explanation. The second accusation was dedicated to my delight, the number of products in some overseas store. That was enough. And I thought that their homeland has sold the secret plans of the plant issued ».
10. Reagan's viewed 8 times
When it's an invitation to the ceremony "Oscar" (the Americans sent him to the home address Menshov), directed again released. For the award went Cultural Attache of the Soviet Embassy. The next day all the newspapers had written that "Oscar" was an employee of the KGB.
The director of what became the winner of the most prestigious film awards of the world (which has no way, material reward), recognized at once. On the day of the ceremony - 31 March - he was trying to listen to the "Voice of America", but because of the "jammers" so did not understand. The telephone rang in the morning on April 1 and less decided that it was someone's joke. But he was invited to the State Committee for Cinematography.
Golden statuette "Oscar" was Vladimir Menshov many years after the ceremony. Only in 1989, at the award ceremony the award "Nika" Vladimir Menchov decided to hand over his "Oscar". It was assumed that behind the scenes the director will give the statuette back to the State cinema where it all these years and kept, but Menchov took her with him.
According to Vladimir Menshov, US President Ronald Reagan, in preparation for a meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev in 1985, at least eight times saw the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" to understand the mysterious Russian soul.



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