Once again on the "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears"

Secrets and backstage shooting of the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears»

35 years ago on the screens out of the country popularly favorite movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears". Painting has become a leader hire. In one year, it looked 90 million people. Kinohit has been awarded a major American awards - "Oscar." It is difficult to imagine that our kinoobschestvennost did not take a picture, and many actors refused to appear in "this cheap melodrama." We conducted an investigation and found some scenes we never see in the picture. After all the cuts the film censorship has become shorter by an hour, but no less loved by millions of viewers of different generations.

Margarita Terekhova refused Menchov

In place of the Faith Alentova we could see Margarita Terekhova, Valentin Telichkina, Kupchenko Irina, Natalia Saiko. From Margarita Terekhova Vladimir Menshov was rebuffed. It considered that the director is too young and inexperienced, and the script - just a soap opera. Actress went to shoot, as she said, in a serious picture of George Yungvald-Khilkevich "The Three Musketeers." Irina Kupchenko, in fairness it must be said, went on the role Tikhomirova, but also to the nines criticized the script. Valentine Telichkina proved unconvincing in the role of a young provincial.

Most of all contenders like the actress director of the Taganka Theater Natalia Saiko. She auditioned without comment. By the way, Saiko, one of the few other things, painting a bright future. Natalya Petrovna did not disappoint artistic taste and female intuition. But there was one drawback, which outweighed the pros. Saiko looked bad with Batalov. Alexei V. Menchov did not want to replace. And began the search for the actress who would make a beautiful couple Batalov. Then Vladimir V. decided to conduct trials with Vera Alentova. Seeing his wife in the frame, Menchov understood that he had lost a lot of time trying other actresses. Alentova proved convincing everyone.

He Gosh, he's Jura, he's Jora

On the role of Gosha auditioned and Vitaly Solomin Vyacheslav Tikhonov, but not as the director saw this hero. Desperate, Menchov decided to shoot himself. Arts council was against it, but time was running out, and Menchov conceded. The day before the shooting, Vladimir V. watched the movie "My dear man," in which he played a doctor Batalov. "Faith, Faith, look - cried less. - I found Gosh! "Alentova ran out of the kitchen into the room. She cried with joy when he saw on the screen Alexei Batalov. It was her favorite actor. After reading the scenario, the role Batalov refused. However, a few days later, he called home and told the director: "You know, I read the script again and I want to try!" Batalov approved without trial, despite the fact that he was 11 years older than his hero!

Irina Muravyov wept with resentment

On the role of Ludmila Sviridova Guide "Mosfilm" recommended Menchov and Anastasia Vertinskaya and Jeanne Bolotov and Valentina Titova. "No fun!" - Unanimously declared the actress, after reading the script. Irina Muravyov director saw in one of the dramas. The actress agreed to play without hesitation and took samples. But then I wept with resentment. "My character did not like me - once admitted the actress. - Rough, mannered and even sometimes vulgar. Everything I hated in others, got out on the screen. "

Galina Polish director has announced a boycott

On the role of skromnyagi Toshi auditioned Galina Polish, Lyudmila Zaitseva, Natalia Andreichenko and Nina Ruslanova but shriller as all provincial simpleton looked Raisa Ryazanov. Polish offended by Menchov, not understanding how he did it so he could offer. Many years Galina not greeted with Menshov. I nursed a grudge and Nina Ruslanova because less it did not take the shoot.

For Natalia Vavilov asked himself Batalov

Menchov really wanted the role played by Alexander Tikhomirov Natalia Vavilov. Prior to that, she starred in his debut film, "Drawing." But parents have banned Natasha in the movies. They predicted it a serious career diplomat. Natalia worked on courses at the Foreign Ministry. Alexei Batalov, see photos contenders for the role of the daughter of the main character, he has agreed with Menshov that Vavilov can be taken without trial. The master went to his parents Vavilov. Before Batalov, they could not resist. After shooting Vavilov threw courses enrolled in the University and became an actress.

Oleg Vidov traded shooting for divorce from his wife

On the role of insidious seducer Rodion Rachkova Menchov called actor Oleg Vidov. But that was not before the shooting - he divorced his wife. The species now living in the United States. Although his life overseas has developed well, he often admitted that he regrets the missed opportunity. Yevgeny Zharikov Vladimir Ivashov, Leo Jumpers, like many, a good laugh on the script. The chances of getting the role was Anatoly Vasilyev, former husband of Tatiana Vasilyeva, but it was not approved. High cinematic authorities determined that the actor all kind nedotyagivaet to Lovelace. Rachkova still played Vasilyev, but Yuri. 15 years since Yuri Nikolaevich is not with us. He died of a heart attack before the age of 60 years of a few months.

"My Jura - says the widow of actor Nelly Kornienko - was the complete opposite of his Rudik. He adored our daughter Katyusha. We had lived together for almost forty years. Over the years, my husband has not given the slightest cause for jealousy. By the way, for the role of his mother, who brilliantly played Eugene Khanayeva, Menchov called Inna Makarova and Clara Lucko, but they refused. By the way, Rudolf scenario was not only a mother - a director of the kindergarten, but his father, turner by profession. Remember Rudik invites Katherine in Shabolovka TV center. He had to shoot KVN, and it - watch the action from the audience. Before shooting all beat. Drink was not staged. Program in the late 70's was closed. We decided to replace it with a set of "blue fire" - the hallmark of Soviet television.

Tabakov too quickly stripped Alentova

Alexander Fatyushin the role of hockey Gurin confirmed immediately. Their duet with Irina Muravyova looked fine. However, Fatyushin then regretted that more was not included in the final version of the painting. For example, before the final three heroines of the film sitting on the bench, sing. And then there Gurin: tie to one side, the shirt inside out with him some hanyga. Gurin contend with Muravyova due threefold and hanyga shouted at her: "Do you like to talk to him? It Gurin, I grew up on his games as a person! "But the leaders of the State Film Committee about the scene said:" No, tied - then tied. Team player, even if the former can not be so down ».

Strongly cut Tikhomirova meeting with the hero Tabakova. As you know, in those days there was no sex, so they are considered too candid scene, and thought that tobacco replays, too fast stripping Alentova. Some scenes Menchov specially made household so that no one found fault. Hero Batalov, instead of sitting in front of TV, watching a hockey game while sipping a beer, took to repair the vacuum cleaner. Many frames already cut during installation. For example, in the scene where Nicholas is Gosha home in a strong drunk and they tied a conversation. "What is happening in the world?" - Asks Gosha, pouring.

"There is no stability, - tells him Nicholas. - Terrorists have once again seized the airplane company "Air France". To avoid international problems name of the airline cut. According to the scenario Gosh Kohl and singing "On the Don Cossack walking young." The scene was in a basket. We stopped on the fact that they've had enough butchering Taranco. As acknowledged by Alexei Batalov, one of his favorite episodes is a scene where Gosha fights with bullies. Actor, abandoning doubles, got two powerful blow to the solar plexus. After all, he fought with professional sambo wrestlers. Menchov wanted maximum reliability. At the very beginning of the picture girlfriends Kate and Lyudmila, mouths open, watching the opening of the festival in front of the stars of the screen.

The script was written that women are at the Argentine embassy, ​​they say, Luda knocked out invitations to the diplomatic reception. However cinematic boss here has seen the blind worship of the West. Bolivian ambassador and Naval Attache US decided to replace the movie stars of the 1950s and Yumatova Konyukhova and "Ford" and "Buicks" - domestic ZISami and "victory." Diplomatic reception had to be replaced at the festival of French films.


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