Test for knowledge of Soviet films for lovers of nostalgia

Foreigners say: "To understand you, you need to review all Soviet comedy films." And this is largely true. We, without even noticing it, often communicate with phrases from films. And only our person will be made to smile by the seemingly empty phrase “sorry for the bird”. Guess the Soviet movie from one phrase. And don't be upset if it doesn't work out. Consider every wrong answer as a recommendation for an enjoyable movie night.

Guess the Soviet movie
  1. “- What's your name, brown-eyed?
    - Katia.
    - And me Dormidont! Evlampievich! "

    I met girls in an original way

    a) unemployed Babs Baberlei in the eccentric comedy Hello, I'm Your Aunt!
    b) recidivist Oblique from the painting by Alexander Sery "Gentlemen of Fortune"
    c) plumber Afanasy Borshchov from the movie "Afonya"

  2. “I'm all so awkward, all so angular. Everything is so contradictory! "

    Which movie heroine does this phrase belong to?

    a) "Intercession Gate"
    b) "Moscow does not believe in tears"
    c) "Office romance"

  3. “I've been thinking about how people kiss. After all, their noses should be in the way? And now I see: they don't interfere. "

    a) "Diamond Arm"
    b) "Girls"
    c) "Operation" Y "and other adventures of Shurik"

  4. "It's not beer that kills people - water kills people!"

    Which of the films below has exposed the insidious nature of water?
    a) "It can't be!"
    b) "Beware of the car"
    c) "Amphibian Man"

  5. "And at the same time, remember that everything and always I will decide myself on the simple basis that I am a man ..."

    a) "Office romance"
    b) "Moscow does not believe in tears"
    c) "Love and Doves"

  6. "Your three-inch eyes, by a well-aimed hit, ignited a fire-breathing fire in my heart."

    a) "Chasing two hares"
    b) "Heart of Bonivour"
    c) "Wedding in Malinovka"

  7. “I lived 10 wonderful years between 34 and 35”.

    a) "The secret of her youth"
    b) "Look for a woman"
    c) "Station for two"

  8. “And your Galya is gone. And she did the right thing. Now she will find a real person. "

    a) "Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession"
    b) "The irony of fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!"
    c) "Courier"

  9. “Stole it, drank it - to jail! Stole, drank - to jail! Romance!"

    a) "Kalina red"
    b) "In love at will"
    c) "Gentlemen of Fortune"

  10. "If you are too greedy for women, look for flaws in charms"

    a) "Twelve chairs"
    b) "Straw Hat"
    c) "Dog in the manger"

  11. "Mulya, don't make me nervous!" a) "Foundling"
    b) "Hello, children!"
    c) "Mimino"

Right answers
  1. Afanasy Borshchov from the film "Afonya", directed by Georgy Danelia, 1975. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ILA-uddrv4

    By the way, earlier we talked about why the attempts of the protagonist's girlfriend to help her beloved to improve her life are doomed to failure.

  2. "The Intercession Gate", directed by Mikhail Kozakov, 1982.
  3. Girls, directed by Yuri Chulyukin, 1961.
  4. “It can't be!”, Directed by Leonid Gaidai, 1975.
  5. Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears, director Vladimir Menshov, 1979.
  6. Wedding in Malinovka, directed by Andrey Tutyshkin, 1967. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-SZS49IWN0

    On January 24, St. Petersburg celebrated the 110th anniversary of the actor and director Andrei Tutyshkin. His best work - the musical comedy "Wedding in Malinovka" - became one of the highest-grossing tapes in the USSR and was sold for quotes.

  7. "Look for a Woman" directed by Alla Surikova, 1982.
  8. "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!" Directed by Eldar Ryazanov, 1975.
  9. "Gentlemen of Fortune", directed by Alexander Sery, 1971.
  10. The Dog in the Manger, directed by Jan Fried, 1977.
  11. Foundling, directed by Tatiana Lukashevich, 1939. Rumor has it that even Brezhnev, awarding Ranevskaya with the Order of Lenin in 1976, could not resist joking: “And here comes our“ Mulya, don’t make me nervous! ”


    Ranevskaya was not at a loss and retorted with her usual directness: "Leonid Ilyich, shame on you, only children and hooligans turn to me this way!" The secretary general was embarrassed and, apologizing, admitted that he was very fond of Ranevskaya's films.

We are sure that you were able to easily cope with our test. And if not, then there is a great reason to revise the Soviet film classics. Photo in the article and in the preview.


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