Life quotes from the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears"

There are movies that we have fun, there are those who tell poignant stories, there are those who teach life better than any textbook. And there are those who combine all of this, and one of them - "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears". Destiny provincial girls once again prove that optimism, perseverance, sincere friendship and faith in love can conquer any capital.

Website to recall the most vivid quotations from beloved film.

- Do not teach me how to live, better help us financially!

- And at the same time remember that all I have, and always will solve itself. For the simple reason that I - man.

- If a woman like a man, is it important profession, nationality, party membership? It's all for the questionnaires, but not for life.

- Georgy aka Gogh aka Gosh, aka Yuri aka Gore, he's Jora, live here?

- Now is not the time.
- Times are always the same! Before you get something, you need to earn, earn!

- Sometimes you hear such nonsense, but it turns out - a point of view.

- Very much I some turned out perfect.
- Nothing, it will correct life.

- I have five rubles, why can not I take to the house I liked a woman?
- Well enough to my house, and back there.
- Walk'll make it. Walk so to walk.

- Good guy have to do most, but not ready to receive.

- Please, specifically how to help?
- Yes, a lot, a lot of problems! Specifically - funds are not sufficient, the man is not enough!

- What are you trying to scare him, I have it so modest.
- Yes. Intelligence clearly not disfigured.

- You acted like a real man!
- I acted like a normal man!

- I can tell you, for example, are not married.
- If I do not wear a wedding ring, it's more of nothing says.
- Yes, even if you wear three wedding rings, you're still not married. Do you think a single woman.
- What, unmarried women look like something in a special way?
- Of course. They look appreciatively. So watching the police, senior officials and unmarried women.


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