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Everyone knows that the main automotive role in the movie "Taxi" played the white Peugeot 406 sedan, which had hidden kit, emerging from under the skin of the body of the driver's commands. But apart from that machine in the painting were involved in more than 100 different car, and only 39% of them were French. Now let's look at cult film by Luc Besson, and see what other car involved in the shooting.

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American cars

The film was shot in the second largest city in France - Marseille. Despite the fact that in this country quite common American car, the first car, which is clearly visible in the frame, a Jeep Cherokee 1988 release (it was taken for shooting from Austria).

Total production of the American automobile industry appeared in the frames of "Taxi" five times. At the end of the film, when the Germans at Mercedes chased Daniel, a broad street you could see a yellow Corvette. Two classic American cars Mercury Montclair (1964 release) and Cadillac DeVille Convertible (1967) were shown on television, which is watched cop Emilien. From scanned film, he got the idea to "tag" the German Mercedes sensor and monitor them. In just a few minutes earlier in the garage where the car serviced criminals could see Chevrolet Blazer 1983 release.

Japanese cars

Cars from the Land of the Rising Sun are found in "Taxi" is not much more often American. In the middle and end of the film can be seen two different Honda Accord (both the 1988 release). In the 15th minute, when to Daniel sat in the car and a man asked me to take him to the airport, the road traveled Mazda MX-5. In addition, in the shooting attended Nissan 100NX and two Toyota (Land Cruiser and Carina E).

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But in the first part of "Taxi" actively used Japanese motorcycles and scooters. Even the police went to the Marcel motorcycles Honda XL 600 V Transalp 1993. Yellow mopeds pizza delivery, which originally worked as the protagonist of the film, and the production of Honda. Among the other "dvuhkolesnikov" - some Suzuki and Yamaha.

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Italian car

Every seventh car, which was used by filmmakers - Italian. The frames are often spotted model Fiat. In the shootings took part Uno, Punto, Panda, Tipo, Croma, Cinquecento. Also scenes were seen four Lancia (two Dedra, Thema and Y10), one truck Iveco and several Italian motorcycles and scooters (mainly Piaggio and Ducati).

German car

German car in the shooting of "Taxi" is not used much less than the French. In the movie "lit» Audi 100, 80, 90 appears twice Audi Coupe GT yellow. One laid at the door of the police car when Emilien out of her 26 minutes of the film. Another Coupe GT (same color, but another year of production) fell from the hoist during a firefight in the garage Kruger.

on the lift

The film broke the one car BMW (5-Series 1982 issue). In addition, the disposal of the police were motorcycle including Bavarian producer. Two officers who arrived at the farewell party of Daniel in the beginning of the film, were BMW K75.

During the chase, the heroes of the film overtook several models of Ford (Fiesta, Sierra, Escort). Once in a frame appeared hatchback Opel Corsa. The "Taxi" is widely used model Volkswagen: Golf III, an old 1200, Passat, Polo, Transporter and others.

As probably many remember, the criminals in the film travel by car Mercedes (which then repainted). It was quite expensive version of the 500 E included in the back of W124. In the shootings took part sedans of 1992 of release. In addition, during one of the chases in the scene appeared Mercedes C-Class and the Sprinter.

French car

A key role in the French assigned machines. Of the 105 vehicles that were present on the set, 39 were French-made. The film's protagonist - the taxi driver Daniel - also went on the domestic sedan - deeply the modified Peugeot 406 V6.

Almost the entire range of Citroen was involved in the shooting (including an old 2CV, who pitched in the first half of the film). 11 different Renault starred in "Taxi". Basically it is the old 21 Nevada, 25, 5, 19, Trafic and Espace.

Police largely moved on models Peugeot. Total participated in the shooting of 15 different vehicles with a lion on the radiator grille. Also in the "Taxi" they observed two scooter Peugeot.

Among the interesting rare instances it may be noted Peugeot 106 Rallye, which is going to steal two men on 23 minutes of the film. At the end, when the police switched traffic, which allegedly was a bomb on the red light, Mercedes criminals reserve "charged» Peugeot 205 GTI. During the exchange of fire in 26 minutes on the background can be seen as a flips the classic Peugeot 505 (in the shooting attended instance 1979 issue).

After 26 minutes, against a background of colorful red Mercedes skidding seen parked Talbot Matra Murena 1981 release. French coupe quite rare today. The truck with the police, disguised as a wagon, selling ice cream, and French production - Sovam VSU 1968 release. In the shootings took part in several British and Swedish cars.

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Interesting facts

- Joke of Daniel in the Germans ("Well, Bavarians, and driving a tractor?") Cost filmmakers $ 2 million. As much sued for insulting the company Mercedes brand.
- In the shooting action scenes and chases were involved operators "Formula 1».
- At 52 minutes of the film the police stopped a Mercedes with German numbers and inspect the trunk. Filming the scene were not on the road, and in the pedestrian zone near the port, where cars do not drive.
- In the film, the eyes of the audience smashed 38 cars. Precise data on how many cars damaged during the filming, no.
- Marcel Motorists complain that tourists coming to the city on the road behave very aggressively and accused in this movie. Themselves as the locals (including taxis) rarely break the rules and very cultured on the road.
- In Marseille, there are guided tours at the place of filming of "Taxi". Most of the scenes were shot near the port.

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