Speaking encyclopedic language taxi - a form of public transport provides various transportation services for passengers and cargo for a fee.

Here are some interesting facts about the taxi:

 - The most expensive taxi ride in London - is notorious cabs, followed by Italian and German taxis.

 - The cheapest taxi ride will cost in China, where for ten dollars you can go God knows where. It is noteworthy that 30-40% of taxi drivers in this country women.

 - The founders of taxis were hired horse-drawn carriages called "cab", which appeared in the 18th century thanks to one enterprising Frenchman. He organized a permanent yard with the world's first public hired crews.

 - In Finland, half taxi orders sent via the Internet.

 - The first Russian taxi appeared in 1907 in Moscow. The driver of an old car hung a sign: "The cabby. Dachshund in agreement. " Later, in 1925 in Moscow, about 200 taxi ride around the brand and Fiat Reno.Vo the First World War, the Germans in the autumn of 1914 broke through the defenses of France and began to advance towards the capital. For the nomination of additional forces from the French lacked transport, then decided to mobilize the Parisian taxi. With the help of a taxi in 1200 for one night at the turn of the Marne River was delivered more than 6, 5 thousand soldiers. The Germans were stopped, and the cars became known historically "Marne taxis". While went saying: "The geese saved Rome, and Paris was saved thanks to taxis».

 - The world's largest taxi station is located in Mexico City, he has 60 thousand cars.

 - The most unusual taxi can be seen in Chile. 9 cars painted by coloring cows mooing they even honking, and the rear seat is styled with udder.

 - In 1975 in Moscow, opened the first museum in the world taxis. There are models of cars at different times used by taxi - "Volga", "Rafiki" ZIS-110, GAZ-A and others.

 - Very unusual taxi walks in Vietnam, to the destination you dovezut on an elephant.

 - The highest fee is paid by the meter recorded in Finland. 70,000 Finnish marks, or almost $ 15,000 paid two tourists for a journey that was spread over 23,000 km. They left the Finnish town of Nokia, traveled through Scandinavia, looked to Spain and came back.


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