To get all: history of the company, which have cut jobs by almost half

American entrepreneur Stephen Harstall the founder of the "Tower" told how he translated his own company for 5-hour working day, and what came of it.

The idea of reducing the working day came to his mind based on my own experience: Arstal have noticed that the most productive in the morning. Good everything considered, June 1, 2015, he began a three-month experiment, employees were asked to start work at 8am and finish it in 13 hours. The condition was one: to catch in five hours to do all the work previously done in eight.

"The results were astounding, says Harstall. — We entered the list of 500 fastest growing companies. Our annual revenues in 2015 increased by more than 40%. This year our group of 10 people planning to income of $ 9 million".

The entrepreneur also gives five tips for those who also wish to reduce the working day of the company.

1. Apply the 80-20 rule. The well-known Pareto Principle says that 20% effort gives 80% of the results. If you can identify those 20% of actions in a typical working day for your company, you will be able to cut the rest.

2. Change production thinking: stop measuring work in hours and start measuring it in production.

3. Give up the principle of constant availability to the customer. Our experience shows that no matter what time we are open while our customers know our opening hours. We still receive approximately the same number of calls every day, and many potential customers find the necessary information on the website.

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4. Use technology to increase efficiency. To allow our warehouse staff and customer service to work for 30% less, we have automated part of the process.

5. Don't limit yourself to 25-hour week. My employees know that they can always leave the office at 13:00, and most of them do most of the time. But if necessary we can work 12 hours if that is indeed extremely important. But this is the exception to the rule, and the staff know about it. published





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