The most wacky sports

If we could see the first modern Olympic Games, we probably would have been very surprised by that because these games were designed primarily for ladies and gentlemen, sports in which the competition was held, were somewhat strange. Today - the most unusual event in the history of modern sport.

10th place: So, at the first Olympic Games were a number of events unknown to us with the ball, vaguely reminiscent of rounders, tennis and croquet. Now hardly anyone can remember even how to play it. They also swim sailors and climbing on a rope.

9th place: Also very interesting for us the competition: long jump and the height of the horses. The winner, of course, becomes a horse and rider.

8th place: prestigious competitions in fencing clubs. Let me remind you, is a program of competitions of the Olympic Games. Besides that, for example, swimming in this program are not included, as it was believed at the time of entertainment and not a sport. Sportmenam-swimmers from Germany had to run parallel to the Olympic Games.

7th place: By the way, these athletes were probably the most exotic at the time the name they called themselves "the frogs, who blessed goddess of fate Tyche". At the moment, swimming is one of the most popular sports.

6th place: As to the first Olympic Games, then, obviously, the most exciting was the competition in long jump into the water head first.

5th place: Chess. It turns out, the world champion in the game at the same time is not Karpov, Kasparov or Kramnik. This Czech Vlastimil Hort. During an exhibition match at the same time, he played 626 games. At the same time he lost only one in the 10th game. Going from the board to the board during the session. Hort was 45 km. Generally, the longest world chess champion Emanuel Lasker remained - 27 years.

4th place: As regards long-distance record in this area holds a Chinese running Genhua Yang, who ran 2,400 kilometers along the Great Wall of China.

3rd place: Record for push-ups, Korean Kim Ki Young, 24 hours, he wrung from the floor 33 thousand 305 times. One minute it is pushed by an average of 23 times, that is, doing two push-ups every 5 seconds.

2nd place: Competitions on the run backwards. They are held annually in NY. Last champion ran a mile (about 1600 m) in exactly 13 minutes, that is, he was running at an average speed of 7, 5 kilometers per hour.

1st place: Such competition does exist: it is the synchronous firing of fireplaces. They are in England, and a champion in this sport - woman: British Demolitions Win Uizerol managed to place explosive charges so that both exploded 14 huge fireplaces in different parts of the grand factory complex.


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