Reality show: the tragic death of the participants

Reality TV has recently become extremely popular on Russian television. Many people are eager to participate in these programs because it brings some lucky money, for others becomes the impetus for further career - such as it happened with the old men of the long-running project TNT «House-2" who write books and become a leading radio TV programs have the opportunity to perform on stage, having a very average singing and choreographic data.

However, luck is not all, there are outsiders, in some cases it ends in tragedy. "Interlocutor" writes about the death of three members of two projects: the first "home" and the reality show "Hunger».

According to the weekly, the winners of the first draft of "House" in which 12 couples for four months were building a house in the suburbs, from Perm wife Renata and Alex Pichkalevy, in January 2004 were killed by local bandits. It is this for couples, to address the audience, got the main prize of the project - 8 million rubles. It was the biggest prize in the history of Russian television.

Won money Pichkalevy going to invest in your business, in addition, they said that will include a nursing home. Meanwhile, as it became known, the winners of the plans did not come true: the husband and wife murdered, apparently because of the winnings. The bodies of Alexei and Renata were found on the banks of the Kama River, their accounts somebody cashed. Rumor has it that they did not want to share with Perm bandits, and it killed them.

In late August, the media reported about another death: died member of the "Hunger" Kristina Kalinina. In March 2006, Christine had visited in the "House-2". She died in June 2007 from kidney and heart failure. She has a little daughter.

In some cases, it ends not so tragic, but the man still gets traumatized by the fact that not justified his hopes and dreams, party hard to accept the fact that his psevdoznamenitost due to the fact that it was lit on TV, do not generate revenue.


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