Reality TV leads to divorce

Reality TV is now "registered" on virtually every channel. In most primetime ones teach us to build the love, the other - to survive in an unfamiliar city with no money, and others something else. Meanwhile, the daily viewing of the reality show a negative impact on family life.

The official divorce statistics because of the reality show, of course, no one will announce. Yes, and part with sight prosperous couple of other formulations. However, the number of scandals and quarrels because of the reality show, with all the ensuing consequences therefrom, is steadily increasing.

According to the Russians, most often leads to divorce lack of understanding between spouses. "I do not get along" - this traditional formulation of 41% of Russians believe that it is the dissimilarity of character and lack of understanding in the family - the main reason that marriages break up.

If before the disaster all males were Mexican soap operas, it is now replaced by a reality TV series.

Reality show invented abroad. They are classified as a kind of entertainment television transmission. The classic scenario of reality, for a long time viewers watch with blue screen for (supposedly) natural life isolated group of characters in a specially created environment for them. It is believed that events are moving freely, without a predefined script, and what is "highlight" reality show. As a result, the viewer finds himself in a convincing illusion that he had not witnessed the spectacle played out, and the real scenes of life. Much more interesting predictable Brazilian soap opera!

And most importantly, that this life before the cameras so similar to his own life the viewer! The same problems in the relationship, the same phrases and thoughts that give voice to the characters.

Hugely popular reality show in the audience psychologists associated with the subconscious desire for "spying" for someone else's life. This effect creates a transfer of this kind. Of course, here and there are common factors that determine the popularity of any controversial programs and "soap opera┬╗:

Most popular reality - is, of course, about the relationship between the sexes. Illustrative examples of happy couples and not just attract viewers, most of them - are female. "Island of temptation", "7 under the sun," and of course "House 2" - a show that got into the Guinness Book of Records.

Rather than walk, pay attention to your lover or kids, young ladies with all his race at the same time to the usual TV, where the usual time looking at them all the same familiar faces. After all, the characters of the show were just like family! And fans of reality give them all free time, because the time a family no regrets. And that instead of giving it time does not display the characters, and people around.

Speaking of time: the average man watching football 1 times a week, and sometimes even less. "Dom-2" is every day for an hour. Total - 7 hours a week! And it is without repetition, and nightly editions. And if a little estimate that the show has been going on for 4 years, we get not a small figure!

Critics argue that the reality shows have a negative impact on the psyche, especially young people, with still unformed character and convictions. Reality activate morbid curiosity and provide as a role model is not quite adequate behavior of participants. But remember, even recently celebrated cheteryhletie broadcast popular TV show "Dom-2"? How many jokes were current about him, and even more - scandals. But the behavior of the characters are trying to copy. And what's more - to build relationships in the image. And with the constant scandals and cries cursing that was coming from the TV channel 21.00 notorious, one can only shrug. Apparently, progressive ladies gentlemen prefer to arrange their disassembly abruptly as they see from the screens. And this can be done quite clear conclusion - eventually these women remain single, and re-try all the same ways to "build your love┬╗.

The organizers of the show in pursuit of entertainment often verge on obscenity and sometimes explicitly pass it. Once again, the notorious negative impact on the audience, many of whom tend to accept without question the standard of television images. In addition, the worrisome state of mind and the participants, who are forced to live for a long time under the gun camera captures every movement and word hero show.

All reality shows that hit the head of the Russian audience - just adapted Western counterparts. That is, the Russian producers of "real" not to reinvent the wheel. The first experiences show the reality show on Russian television projects were "Behind the Glass" and "The Last Hero", "Star Factory", lasting for several years.

But the advantage of the reality show is still there. Firstly, you can learn from others' mistakes, which are also very clearly demonstrated by participants. After failed relationships - this is not an example to follow, as a good lesson, and the viewer as well. Second, whatever the scenery, all reality shows share one story - the physical and psychological survival in a confined space. And this is very similar to the classic detective story - think of Agatha Christie. All reality shows built on the instinct of survival. Psychologists distinguish three types: physiological survival ("Hunger", "The Last Hero"), social - or the fight for a place under the sun ("Star Factory", "You are - a supermodel", "Big Brother", "Office") and species that is success in the relationship ("House 2"). In reality shows, it is important to understand who is the strongest of the characters. But identifying with someone of the participants, it is possible to estimate their chances of survival in such a team or in a similar situation.

Clarification of the relationship and the more scandals always attracts viewers. It is especially nice that the reality show scandal of the battle of dishes and numerous "pips" is not in your own kitchen, and at a safe distance. But maybe such close attention to other people's passions occurs when not enough fabulous in their own lives? So, we must try to change their lives, that they are less sweet and more emotional.

Alena Dmitrieva

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