12 Russian beauty who excised the highlight of plastic

When the girls decided on plastic surgery, the reasons may be different: someone is not satisfied with the shape of the nose or ears, someone has small breasts, and someone thinks that falls short of the ideal, and need to work on yourself. After all, the ideal nose should be small and chiseled cheekbones - pointed, lips - large and plump, and the shape of the eyes - surprise, upbeat ... Here are 12 girls who traveled under the knife of a plastic surgeon. The result is obvious.

1. Alain Vrazhevskaya

A participant of the reality show "Dom-2" had rhinoplasty after injury received on the project, although it was not without the desire to improve the shape of the nose. After surgery, the blonde began to look very impressive. Although some opponents of plastics believe that now she looks like a doll.

2. Alena Shishkova

The model is one of the finalists of the "Miss Russia-2012" and the ex-girlfriend of the rapper Timati, today Alena Shishkova educates young daughter and advertises the brand and cosmetic salons in Instagrame. On the plastic, it was decided in 2012, when I started to conquer podiums and Timothy, who like bolshegubye beauty. Difference "before and after" clear: change of the eyes, face drawn, her lips swollen


3. Oksana Samoilova

Chosen Gigue rapper also worked on a - now no excess weight, problems with the hair and skin. Everything must be perfect! The plastic surgeon did a good job over the nose, breasts, lips and cheekbones. Oksana also had to put veneers and go on a diet.

4. Nita Kuzmina

This sexy brunette is known as many scandalous participant of the project "Vacation in Mexico". Before that I bore the name Nita Gupta and fond of emo culture. The full girl pictured left today puhlogubaya sex bomb barely recognizable.


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