23 strange animals, whose existence is difficult to believe

Nature never ceases to amaze us! And as soon as it was possible to think of such creatures? < Website publish a selection of these wonderful creatures that look at them and wonder

Pangolin enough to fool our heads -. We know that you really artichoke


Photo source: Fishki.net

Fossa This strange cat medvedeobraznaya suspiciously like Mark Wahlberg, is not it?

lilac-breasted roller It is as if made of cotton candy and old children's coloring.

Glaucus atlanticus Yes this is a real pokemon!

Prickly bush viper Just imagine what it pleasant to the touch.

Dzherboa Is that a mouse on passerine legs?

Octopus Dumbo Look at these adorable ears!

goblin shark's who had to shoot in "Jaws" - nightmares guaranteed


purple frog Someone could do with a little bone to grow.

hummingbird hawk-moth Either bird, or mole, or a furry bullet with wings.

Desert microhylidae This frog like the Nuggets, who dropped in the sand.

maned wolf Cool stockings, lady.

stomatopods proud of its participation in the Broadway production of "The Little MermaidĀ».

Okapi Reminiscent of the car after the accident, which established a bumper of a different color.

Patagonian mara Amazing cross between a hare and a Yorkshire Terrier.

gerenuk is also known as a deer with the neck of a giraffe.

pink fairy armadillo Feeling as if his back put the nail invoice.

Bat Darwin Grombl Poured from the "real monsterĀ»!

Saiga Fluffy like a golden retriever. If it's an image to put on a t-shirt, it is sure to be wearing Kanye West.

shoebill As he only managed to escape from the Pixar universe?

tufted deer fruit of love deer and walrus.

Malayan flying lemurs who are you kidding, stretched protein?

Kanchil only admire this loaf of bread on four toothpicks!

via fishki.net/1993251-23-nesuraznyh-zverka-v-che-suwestvovanie-slozhno-poverit.html


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