Greece - orange paradise

Do you believe that there is an orange rain? No? Then you should definitely visit in Greece. Do not think that you wallow oranges and everything around turns orange. In fact, in Greece, in the season of ripening of the fruit, but rather in the winter, light rain often brings the fragrance of oranges from the nearby fields and you suddenly think that everything smells around the new year.

In Greece, oranges and other citrus fruits growing on the street. And walking, it is possible to disrupt the low inclination branch a couple of fragrant oranges. In Greece, there are still, well, almost everything. For example, a product familiar to us as the large-leaf green tea in Greek supermarkets are rare. If you are lucky, you can find it only in "special" tea shops.

Most Greeks are constantly complaining about the difficult economic situation in the country and lack of money. At the same time, every self-respecting Greek at least several times a week out "exo", which loosely translated means to go "in the light." H and others to see and be seen. So, on weekdays and holidays Greek cafes, restaurants and clubs from a lack of visitors do not suffer.

By the way, Greece is one of the few European countries where even at night can be a large number of vehicles and traffic jams.

The Greeks are friendly and curious. If you, God forbid, from slips and fall down on the street, you will not pass by indifferently. I am sure there are several people who want to help you and find out what happened.

Do not be surprised if you suddenly unfamiliar people begin to wonder what your parents are, or what your grandfather died. Most Greeks believe such questions are absolutely normal. This Greek should always be aware of all cases neighbor: who is married to someone from whom a neighbor had a baby and why the house opposite the police came yesterday. Leave a Greek curiosity unsatisfied, it's like a Greek express their defiance.

Greeks are very emotional people. They are not shy to show their feelings. For example, if the road and traffic jam in both directions stopped completely, do not rush to think that the accident happened or the government's cortege passes. It is possible that the two Greek driver is not shared, they left their cars in the driveway and decided to find out the relationship of man. The rest of the riders can join the disputants in the search for truth.

Most Greek men are romantic, like to listen to songs about unrequited love and dream to meet his beloved. Let me tell you a terrible secret, Greek men can cry, cause of tears, of course, love experiences.

The truth is found among the Greeks and rather insidious types. Most often, this "resort macho." They are sweet lie, promise mountains of gold and love to the grave. In fact, these are the most Alfonso or just lovers of entertainment and after your departure lured into their network next naive vacationers.

Almost all the ancient Greek monuments can be visited for free, if you know a little secret - from November to March, free entrance on Sundays for both locals and tourists ...

Yulia Garmashova
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