Beautiful places on the planet

Few people come to mind a ride on the amazing places of the world, created by nature and man-made, which is usually no plans to tour. And you can only go there on their own, sometimes carefully figuring out routes for local residents. But fortunately, most of these beauties are within walking distance of the famous localities, and you can get there with virtually no problems. Moreover, in the world there are many entertainment, which you may not have general performances.

Happy surfing on beautiful places in the world!

Lesbos, Greece

Machu-Picchu, Old Mountain, the ancient Inca city

Boats machines in Switzerland

Cave-pool Satorini Greece

Hotel-box in Soneva-Kiri, Thailand

Ethnic Park Krka in Croatia

Floating bungalow in the Maldives

The tiny restaurant in the bay near Mykonos, Greece

Hotel Bungalows in Santa Marta in Colombia

Library with transparent walls in Germany

Hotel DEDON Island, Philippines

Boat with bath with thermal water in Seattle, USA

Hotel Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Kayaking in Alaska

Swing hotel Bacalar Lagoon, municipality of Bacalar in Mexico

The restaurant in the beach resort of Lido, Sarasota, Greece

Pamukkale, Turkey

Hotel on the Thousand Islands, Lake Ontario, Canada

Suspension Hotel Bali

Jacuzzi on the roof of the hotel in Gothenburg, Shvetsiya

Cave in Kefalonia, Greece

Sea restaurant on the island of Bora Bora

Hotel Taj Exotica Resort and Spa South Male Atoll

Statue in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Gardens, ponds, New Zealand

Tiny boats in an artificial channel, the city of Colmar, in the Alsace region, France

The tunnel under the water, the Netherlands

Hotel Granada, Nicaragua

Hotel Hawaii

Journey to the underwater suits-chairs in Nassau, Bahamas


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