Jared Leto exchanged McConaughey Steven Tyler

Jared Leto did not sing at the Grammys, but had a great time on the red carpet with his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

Guys dubbed itself bromantichnoy pair ceremony. Where Matthew McConaughey just looks ...

At the evening show Summer still I went on stage for the presentation of the winners

Brothers Leto, Tomo Milicevic

Jared and his brother Shannon bandmate Tomo Milicevic posed on the background of the logo of the ceremony. But the most interesting matter, when Jared was spotted with Steven Tyler.

This hot and sincere greeting is not rewarded in the evening no one else! And Smokey Robinson soul music star who has appeared in the way of friendly impulse Summer and Tyler's nothing to do but stand there and smile.

Giving all the power of music, Jared Leto has not acted in films for six years. Its fully absorbed concert tours in support of the album This Is War in 2009 and Love, Lust, Faith + Dream in 2013. Excluding rock musician made only for the role of a transsexual District in Dallas Buyers Club.

While Jared took a few statuettes for supporting actress, including a Golden Globe. His regular partner over the frame in the past year was, of course, Matthew McConaughey: Both lose weight for a role in "DKP", performed dramatic onscreen friendship and all have become accustomed, that they, too, ceremonies together.


Apparently, the Oscars will be the last phase of the joint photo Jared and Matthew - the musicians prefer the legendary 65-year-old rocker. And they have similar hairstyles.


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