McConaughey and Alves

Just over a year ago, on the eve of the Christmas holidays in the microblogging Matthew McConaughey appeared record that he finally made a marriage proposal to his beloved - Camilla Alves. Their close friends say that the atmosphere was very romantic, and Matthew, as it should be, or, as often happens in the movie, got up on one knee and asked the perennial question of his lover and mother of his children. And Camilla, of course, said yes.

Camilla came to the US from his native Brazil in 2001, when she was 15 years old. For a start, she has mastered the English language, and then entered the Institute of Theater and Cinema, while working as a fashion model. She had wonderful taste and flair for fashion trends, which allowed Camilla to realize a small family business: with his mother (the designer), she founded the brand Muxo the production of women's handbags handmade.

At the same time, developing and Matthew McConaughey's career, rather, she briskly walked up. The talent and good looks in the face of the novice actor became convincing arguments. The role in the movie "Boys on the side of" not paid a close attention to many directors, and then the court drama "A Time to Kill" on the novel by John Grisham and does McConaughey made famous. He starred with Hollywood stars such as Bill Murray, Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins and Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Lopez. In addition, he was given the main role in the movie "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," "Failure to Launch," "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past." In 2005, Matthew was voted the sexiest man of all living magazine People.

So famous and sexual Matthew and Camilla appeared before in 2007. In a New York cafe, where a girl celebrating her birthday - she was 25 years old (McConaughey at the time was 37). But first I met Camilla courtship stellar smoothie very cool, which, however, only warmed his ardor. Alves at the time was in full passionate about their work - was the official brand lingerie model Lingeries and engaged in his own firm.

Most familiar, knowing the shortness of the novels of Matthew, and predicted that short period of time. But by July 7, 2008 at Valentine born son - Levi Alves McConaughey. Matthew himself cut the umbilical cord and the first picked up a newborn baby. But plans to make their relationship official the couple was not. He believed that it is not yet ready for marriage, and she did not insist on this. In many interviews McConaughey proud to say, Camilla is not going to alter menya.

Camilla and the truth is not to rush things, but remained faithful friend who two years later and gave the beloved daughter Vida January 3, 2010.

And on the eve of the big day came on the finger Camilla wedding ring. Press immediately began to actively discuss the possibility of their secret marriage. But officials of the actor left the public without comment.

But during Christmas, Matthew decided once and for all.

The long-awaited celebration happened June 9, 2012 42-year-old Matthew McConaughey and Camilla 30-year-old Alves played a wedding in Texas family estate groom. It was a private ceremony with few guests and relatives who were placed in special tents erected on the beautiful grounds of the estate.

The bride decided to take her husband's name and became Camilla McConaughey. And on July 4 (Independence Day), Matthew appeared in the microblogging post: Congratulations, America! I have good news. We are waiting for Camilla third child, God bless him.

The birth of the third child pairs coincided with the New Year's holidays - Livingston their son was born December 28, 2012.

Today Matthew McConaughey and Camilla are considered one of the most beautiful and romantic couples in Hollywood, and the former star and heartthrob windy - a model dad.


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