"The most beautiful"

Not long ago, Matthew McConaughey was first nominated for this coveted award as the "Golden Globe" for his role in the film «Dallas Buyers Club».

During their participation in the popular talk show host Jimmy Fallon with a leading actor admitted that this is his second most prestigious award, and the first he received in high school. During the program, viewers were still able to find out what was the first major award of the title of "most beautiful" in high school.

Initially notorious boy lean and long three years struggling with skin disease acne. First, he used the cosmetics, which is engaged in the spread of his mother. However, its quality is poor, and, after some time, the boy had to ask for more help to the dermatologist. Its pores are clogged so badly that he was late with the treatment a little more and save his skin could only operation. After a year of treatment under medical supervision boy was finally normal skin.

Some time later, the father of Matthew McConaughey tried to earn money through the courts and sued the hospital for "infliction of emotional and psychological trauma." However, by that time, the guy has already won so unexpected, but the coveted award. And even on a show actor mentioned that his father probably still angry at the judge for being unable to earn money.

The main thing is not to give up and do not run their own problems. This is what tells us the example of Matthew McConaughey.


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