Very unusual globes

With the help of Google (and not only), you can explore the surface of our planet right on the computer screen. But this surface - flat. It's time to turn their eyes on the globe; huge, soaring, cube, random, flat (!) globes. Working with a sensor and an electromagnet, this seems an unusual globe floating in the air without any visible support (bottom left). Massive globe in Savannah Georgia (bottom right) - in fact, the balloon for natural gas:

These huge globes you can buy (for about $ 40, 000) or rent:

Mapparium in Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston - a three-story glass globe inside-out, so that you can see it from the inside. However, he portrays the world as it was in the 1930s, with the Soviet Union and the European colonies in Africa and Asia:

Globes in architecture in this photo of the 1930s - a huge globe in the building of "The Daily News" in New York:

Not a globe of planet Earth, but a spherical structure symbolizes "One World 1939": it is a huge construction was built for the International Fair in New York. She also served as the location for a huge planetarium:


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