Unusual house on new York's rooftops

It turns out that today on the rooftops of new York homes can be seen not only solar panels, gardens and vegetable beds, air conditioners and water towers on the roofs of skyscrapers can be seen more often unusual houses — these houses, whose owners not only make an unexpected diversity in a concrete jungle, but also in a way solve the problem of shortage of urban space. To see these unusual houses are worth seeing in new York with the dizzying heights.

For fans of prefabricated homes who choose to rise above the city bustle, perfect project house LoftCube by designer Werner Aisslinger. This project was specifically designed for roofs. The value of the home that was seen on the roof of Williamsburg, only $ 60.000, and its main advantages are fast Assembly and a geodesic dome roof.

For those who design team don't like, an acceptable alternative may be the house on the roof of the Bungalow. On the new York rooftops are already fixed as far as houses that look like they raised a tornado and accidentally dropped in NYC. It has all the attributes of resort life: a sliver of the ocean, beach, weather vane horse. And most importantly, the Bungalow house is built from environmentally friendly materials.

But on the roof of a 4 story building at the intersection of 13th and 3rd Avenue is a full-fledged holiday house with tube. The wooden structure covers almost the entire roof and even has a patio. One of the walls of the house is made of glass, allowing you to enjoy the city landscapes.

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