Houses on the roofs

eccentric professor from Beijing Zhang Lin is not alone on the roof of buildings. It turns out that the roof is a great place to build a house - from the windows because of the space the city will be seen as the palm. We offer a look at the most incredible and crazy buildings, located on the roofs of buildings. 25 villas on the roof of a shopping center in Hengiange, Kitay

Village "Diddy" in Rotterdam, Niderlandy

House LoftCube by designer Werner Ayslingera cost 60,000 $ 23,770,705

3 small houses on the roof of the old building on Broadway, New York 76,254,281

House on the roof of the building of red brick, New York

Bondi penthouse on top of the building, Australia

House on the roof of the Acheson Doyle Partners Architects, New York

4 villas on the roof of the shopping center, Zhuzhou, China

The Trailer Park of Grand Daddy Hotel with Airstream trailers, Cape Town, South Africa

Illegal construction on the roof in Hong Kong

Pink house on the roof of New York

Cottage "Shooting Star", San Diego, CA

The installation "House attack" by Erwin Wurm, Vienna, Austria



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