Here's a house in Kiev.

Here's a house in Kiev.

House on the roof of high-rise buildings were ordered to demolish Troeschinskogo

We host an unusual structure there are no permits for extension.

Recall house on the roof of one of the skyscrapers Troeschinskogo size of a studio apartment, it is adjacent to a small courtyard where flowers grow and even have something like a garden

In the house number 11 on the creation of a living space on the roof know. But enterprising neighbor nobody complains.

"It is clear that it is illegal. But he does not bother anyone. Access all available technical premises, "- said the head of house Jeka. According to him, this guy at his own expense to repair a roof, which now lives. He put the proper insulation and two layers of thick roofing material. Head brownie Jeka also noted that guy no additional communications in the annex did not hold. He also does not use the heating and sanitation, therefore does not prevent residents of high-rise buildings.

Last name and number of the resident of his apartment no watchman or Head HBC did not want to name. We only know that the house number 11, he took a one-room apartment.

But what else happens:

Cheboksary, street. Ahaz, 6

Meet the bathhouse roof. IMHO, it's gorgeous!

St. Petersburg, Primorsk, 51

Here's a pristroechku above the garage we have already seen with you:

Here it happens:

But China:

In 2008, the city of Zhuzhou was chosen with the 33rd other cities as an example of modern "garden city". According to the law developed in Beijing at all buildings constructed in the last 20 years with the height of less than 12 storeys, to be undeveloped "green roof" with the use of living vegetation. But long before the adoption of this law, the developer "Zhuzhou Jiutian Real Estate" went ahead and stuck on the roof of the shopping center of its four villas.

After recently appeared in the media concerns about the safety of the design solution, the developer had provided the agreed documents confirming the legitimacy of the constructed buildings. According to the company, these houses have been agreed upon as the representative offices of the company, with a staff of 160 employees, however, according to Liu, one of the employees of the office property management (your full name, she asked the media not to be identified), since 1999 the house was sold into private hands.

Here's an interesting house:

The cartoon "Up!" We have seen a flying house, which landed on top of a huge rock in South America. That Korean artist Ho Suh Up (Do Ho Suh) raised in the air and then down a small residential building. But not in a picturesque area near the waterfall, and on the roof of one of the buildings of the University of California in San Diego.

United States of America is not accepted, studying at the university, to live at home with their parents. Even if your university is across the street from their habitats. Student - an independent person who must live separately. It does not matter in your own apartment or in a hostel. That this tradition and devoted quite extraordinary installation of Korean artist Ho Prior Suha called Fallen Star (Fallen Star), which he established in San Diego on the roof of one of the buildings of the University of California.

Installing it is a small private one-story house. This building was first collected before Ho Dry wooden structures in the courtyard of the University of California campus, and only then with the help of a huge crane lifted the roof of educational building.

Moreover, it should there not horizontally but at a slight angle (10 degrees) with respect to the roof surface, and accordingly, the lands.

But on the roofs of New York homes are perfectly legal:

It turns out today on the rooftops of New York buildings can be seen not only solar panels, gardens and vegetable beds, air conditioning and water towers on the roofs of high-rise buildings can increasingly see the unusual houses - real houses, whose owners are not only making an unexpected diversity in stone jungle, and thus solve the problem of shortage of urban space. To see these unusual houses should look at New York from dizzying heights.

For lovers of prefabricated houses, which prefer to rise above the bustle of the city, ideal house project LoftCube by designer Werner Aysslingera. This project has been specially designed for roofs. The cost of the house, which was seen on the roof of Williamsburg, just $ 60,000, and its main advantage is the quick assembly and the geodesic dome-roof.

For those who design team do not like, may be an acceptable alternative to a house on the roof of a bungalow. On the roofs of New York has been recorded as houses that look as if they had been raised and the accidentally dropped a tornado in New York. It has all the trappings of resort living: a piece of the ocean, beach, weather vane in the form of a horse. And the main house bungalows built from environmentally friendly materials.

And here on the roof of a 4-storey building at the intersection of 13th and 3rd Avenue located country house with a full pipe. A wooden structure covers almost the entire roof, and even has a patio. One of the walls of the house is made of glass, which allows you to enjoy the city scenery.

Here's another one on the roof of the US pristroechka:

This five-story penthouse is built in the heart of New York's Tribeca neighborhood.

More New York:

But look how beautiful, exact address will not say who can recognize photo:


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